Cockpit: Peter Rowney (YWLM, Australia)

Have you ever thought of running your simulation system not only with multiple displays but also multiple computers?  Peter Rowney did that with Wideview software connecting 5 computers and 5 displays, giving more than 180 degree wrap-around view.

Builder: Peter Rowney
Location: Lemon Tree Passage, NSW, Australia
ICAO: YWLM, Williamtown RAAF Fighter Base

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180: Centurion T210 Man/Fuel Gauge

Here’s the Manifold Pressure / Fuel Flow Gauge for the Centurion T210.   It is the sixth gauge I’ve created for the T210 and it’s probably the last one specific for the aircraft.

Actually it’s been done quite awhile ago.   But I’ve been looking for solutions to make the fuelflow gauge to rotate in a nonlinear (nonproportional) anitclockwise manner possible on the FIP as shown in the aircraft.

Unfortunately, after numerous attempts and helps from friends on the FSDeveloper forum, it seems that Saitek’s FIP doesn’t support nonlinear  anticlockwise rotation.

Already sent a note to Saitek for help.   They did responded quickly but no follow-up action for more than 3 weeks now — not even a reply to the two subsequent emails I sent.   (Edit: just got a reply and let’s see how it goes.)

Anyway, this one is fully functional.   Any subscriber of this blog who is interested to get a copy of it could send me a request via the COMMENTS section below for the download link.

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Edit: This instrument is no more available.