198: Cast the Saitek Panel Driver Out

Earlier this month, I was trying to associate a customized EZdok camera view (as shown in picture) to the gear lever on my Saitek’s Switch Panel, so that whenever I extend or retract the gear, the view changes to the bottom of the aircraft automatically.


After numerous attempts, I found there was no way out.   Saitek’s original driver is so “dumb” that except the default control functions, nothing more it offers to the users.

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News: Colorado Camping Last Weekend

Vertical Studios‘ Mountain Flying in Switzerland Mission Pack has always been one of my favorites.   Especially when used with Flylogic’s Swiss Professional X and Sion, and FranceVFR’s Rhone-Alpes, the Mission Pack is not only fun but also realistic.  Indeed, adding the extra addons makes the whole trip very expensive, even though the product itself is low-priced.  Anyway, the company’s Mission Pack has since stayed on my must-buy list.


Colorado Camping Weekend is the company’s second Mission Pack.  It lauched probably a year ago.   Although I wanted to get it so much, I didn’t do it because the Mission Pack wasn’t a complete one.   After a long wait, the company finally released its last part, Day 4, yesterday.   The area coverage of the mission seems to coincide with BlueSky Scenery’s Colorado series, which is high quality freeware.  Check it out yourself if you are keen on flying Missions like I do.

News: Cessna FIPs from Saitek

Got this information from Hans (a friend of FSX Times) right before my holiday last month that Saitek had created three FIPs for Cessna aircrafts.    Just recall this earlier today.

Don’t know how many of you who own FIPs know about it.   I didn’t — can’t help complaining about the company’s poor customer works again — it’s notorious anyway.

Doesn’t want to post screenshots for the company.   Here is the download link: ftp://ftp.saitek.com/pub/profiles/CessnaFIPSDownload.rar

196: Remove Addons Promptly


Last post we talked about adding addons to the exe.XML file so that they can be run automatically when FSX starts.

In case there are some addons we no longer need or we just want to disable some of the addons temporarily, instead of deleting them from the exe.XML file, we can parenthesize the module(s) with the following xml notations.

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195: Run Addons Automatically


There are certain addons one may need to run before, during or after the loading of FSX.   For example, the pmSounds from Project Magenta is one msut-have feature I normally run alongside with the FSX.

Instead of clicking the addon’s program icon every time, I just put the addon in the following format:


Add the above module to the exe.XML file
under C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX — the directory where fsx.CFG is stored. Continue reading