233: GPS Key Mappings

Standalone GPS panel has always been on top of my simulation gear purchasing list.   Yet, with the three monitors in place, the on-screen GPS now looks a lot more promising than ever before.

Click me to see the full size.
Click photo to see the spread-across view of the GPS on my screen

To eliminate mouse-clicking actions associated with it, keypads on my keyboard are re-mapped according to my personal preference as shown below:
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232: Finally I am Multi-LCDs

I’ve been talking about moving to multi-monitor setup for nearly 2 years.    Finally, here it comes my new multi-monitor setup:

My New Multi-Monitor Setup

One major obstacle that’s been preventing me from upgrading in the past was the 30-inch monitor I’ve used for over 5 years.  It was (is) still in good condition that I couldn’t make up my mind to replace it without finding a good outlet for it.   Also, the price for getting another two 30-inch monitors was also a big concern.

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