233: GPS Key Mappings

Standalone GPS panel has always been on top of my simulation gear purchasing list.   Yet, with the three monitors in place, the on-screen GPS now looks a lot more promising than ever before.

Click me to see the full size.
Click photo to see the spread-across view of the GPS on my screen

To eliminate mouse-clicking actions associated with it, keypads on my keyboard are re-mapped according to my personal preference as shown below:

GPS-03 Note that the [NumLock] button of the keypad, due to OS limitation, cannot be simply re-mapped or disabled.    Therefore I turn to the [Pause] key next to the keypad for the OBS function, since I don’t very often use the button.

Surely, applying the mappings onto a standalone keypad would add extra sophistication to the system.   This handy, integrated approach does save money, desktop space, unnecessary cable fiddling, as well as a chance to fully utilize the keyboard section many people, included me, normally ignore.


23 thoughts on “233: GPS Key Mappings

  1. Looks good Tom.

    I use the VR Insight GPS 5 I got second hand from Ebay at a good price, it uses a VGA port that I have a VGA to DVI cable for and USB and a further power adapter for the mains, this uses VR Insights own software and VRI say it can only be use with FSX in windowed mode but it can be used in FSX in full screen mode with a different set up procedure.


  2. …. and if you are really looking for the Real experience, get yourself the real GPS by DesktopAviator , it’s affordable, and proven to be one of my best investments ….


  3. It does make a difference using key mapping instead of mouse for the GPS.
    I finally finish wiring my GPS panel using a USB board Model 2095A Encoder Module from http://www.desktopaviator.com/ it works great only have to install my 5.6″ screen in it left. Plus the board as extra room for other switch I may install later.
    As you say Tom even with a number key pad it works great.


      1. Thanks Mario. Both 2450 and 2450B look good. The latter is out of stock.
        Which one are you using? Does it require a VGA or DVI port? What’s the limitation of it?


      2. It use a VGA and a USB.
        Me I made my own before they had them for sale, but I might get one of them.
        I use several of there boards with no issue.


      3. Make sure you note as Mario mentioned, the 2420B does not have a screen, it’s just a static piece of card stock basically, with the programmable buttons in the frame. So only the 2450B has the screen.

        I emailed them back on March 13th, and received the reply:
        “Due to the partial closure we experienced the past few weeks, we are way behind in the redesign of the GPS panel.

        The 2450 should be available in about 4 weeks.”

        So hopefully in the next couple weeks. I have a spot in my cockpit waiting to mount one.


      4. Wanted to add a reply that I see they are back in stock now. It took them a bit longer it seems. You already have that new touch screen, but if you wanted physical buttons I thought I’d give you heads up.


      5. Thanks for the news Michael. However, the price seems gone up quite a bit, making it just $15 less than the VRI’s GPS-5. The VRI looks better aesthetically and seems a bit more robust. Will compare and think about which one to get. Thanks again.


  4. Tom,

    Thanks for the GPS key assignments. Looks easy enough to assign the GPS keys. Is that the default GPS on your new three monitors? You really should try the Reality XP GNS.

    BTW, what is your simulator airplane of choice nowadays?




    1. Yes, that’s the default GPS. Also the default C172 is my current choice on which I am completing the work of the gauges.
      Thanks for the 3rd party GPS suggestion. I’ll take a look of it later.


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