667: Carenado or Just Flight…Not a Question

There are two versions of Piper PA28R Arrow III on the market for MSFS — one from Carenado and the other from Just Flight.

I released three of the Gauges (ASI, MFP & RPM) for the Carenado Arrow III a month ago. Since then, there were inquires checking if they could be played on the Just Flight Arrow. And responses from users afterwards confirmed that they were running nicely on the Just Flight plane although they look a little differently .

After some searchings, I decided to purchase the Just Flight plane as well so as to develop Gauges for it alongside with the Carenado Arrow. Continue reading

666: MSFS Gauges Updated

The Multi-Shared HDG for MSFS has been updated to version R1r01 with the “Flag” missing in the last version while the engine is not spinning.

Download link has been sent earlier to all users and it should be in their mailboxes by now.  If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.  Note that the link will expire in 7 days.

In addition, Engine Gauges of the Carenado M20R Ovation were also updated. Continue reading

665: More Ships in MSFS

About two weeks ago, a friend, John H. Helms, sent me the followings:

In an attempt to reciprocate, I attach a link to a new add-on that you might like (if not already seen) — Global AI Ships for MSFS — a modification of files from FSX and P3D.  And I attach my own version I made about a month ago as well.

I actually run both, as mine seems to have more stuff in it and it doesn’t bother the SIM.  They work pretty well, not perfect though. Continue reading

664: My Cockpit Rev #28 – RealSimGear

I’ve been tied up with many things after the Chinese New Year.  As a result, there was not a single Post for nearly a month.   Fortunately, things are sorting out now and I hope to resume posting new stories as regular before.

Coming back to my home cockpit, I just received the GNS 430 and 530 from RealSimGear today after more than two months’ waiting.
Inevitably my radio cluster needs major revamp again.  I hope it won’t take me long to start working on it since the final appearance should look appealing.

Actually I’d been Continue reading