596: New Menu Group

Received a few emails asking the specs of my hardware and software after yesterday’s post regarding tweaks to my system.  Per these requests, a new menu group “My Project” is just created (name may be changed later).

In addition to the existing “My Cockpit” section, a new “My P3Dv5 Settings” column is added under it as well.   In the coming weeks, I will add in more columns covering different aspects of my system, and they will be updated from time to time when changes are made.  Thanks to all who raised the question so I can come up with such an idea for a new menu group, which is not only good for fans’ interests but also important for my own references as well.

572: A kind of Easter Miracle

A few days ago, another flight instrument panel (FIP) of mine suddenly stopped working.  Didn’t have any symptom similar to the other faulty one I reported in my Post 561, this one just ceased to work — no display, no response — during a flight session.

After trying many possible solutions to revive it but of no avil, I had no choice but to unplug it from the hub and put it aside waiting for another teardown.

Nothing lasts forever in reality, I know.  This one has also served me for more than 10 years.

I was planning to tear it down this morning.  Continue reading

Misc: No Rush – When it comes, it comes

Now is 3:05pm 14-April in Hong Kong or 3:05am the same day in Orlando, Florida, where Prepar3D of Lockheed Martin is located.

Normally it took seconds to enter the Prepar3D website and now it takes minutes or sometimes it even gets an “Error establishing a database connection”.   There must be a lot of people around the world like me trying to get a copy of the newest version 5 of Prepar3D as earlier as possible.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of it.

No sure if it is because the P3D team is still working hard to get the shop ready to catch up with the launched date?  Or the new version will only be available starting from office hour 9:00am in the area?

So, no rush!   When it comes, it comes.

Edit: It’s finally arrived at about 4:00pm EST US – almost time for home ;)

561: FIP Teardown

One of my FIPs was broken down recently after serving my flightsimming system stably for more than a decade.  I opened its case to see if it is self-serviceable.  Unfortunately all electronics components, except the LCD screen, were surface-mounted onto the circuit board.

Followings are the teardown pictures of the unit for those who are interested to see what are packed inside the FIP. Continue reading

556: A Possible Keyboard Alternative ?

A group of ex-Samsung engineers is raising funds on Kickstarter for a small device that can turn any screen into a fully interactive touch screen.
The device, called Glamos, is essentially a motion sensor that uses LiDAR or Light Detection and Ranging technology to create a virtual touchscreen with instant interaction capability. Continue reading