310: Free Mesh

Just came across this FreeMeshX from NineTwo Production on the Internet, which was released in early May.   It looks gorgeous.  Some simmers on the Avism.com forum (extra information about the FreeMeshX here) say it is significantly better than the FS Global or even the FS Global Ultimate in some aspects.

It’s completely free.  Worth some download hours to get them, especially you don’t have any mesh so far.


308: Switching Between inHg and mBar

A friend recently asked if there is a simple way to change the barometric units from inHg to mBar on the Altimeter.   Unfortunately, no, it is NOT possible on the earlier free gauges.   But YES, it is possible on the paid gauges as their codings and image designs have been rewritten.

This automatic barometric unit switching feature should have been implemented earlier.   Anyway, here it comes at last.


Users of  the current Continue reading

306: The New Saitek Drivers – Part 2: SaiFlightFip.xml

The ability of starting up multiple FIPs in specific order everytime has been a feature requested by almost all FIP users for a long long time.   Saitek has finally implemented it onto its new drivers.   However, this feature may need another tweak in order to function.

After the installation of the new drivers, a file called “SaiFlightFip.xml” containing the current setup information of the FIPs and the gauges should be created accordingly.

Via this “SaiFlightFip.xml”, the start-up order of the multiple gauges can be specified as desired.

The file is supposed to be stored under: Continue reading

305: The New Saitek Drivers – Part 1: Installation

Normally, driver installation should be no more than pointing-and-clicking on the mouse.   Saitek’s new ProFlight drivers, “ProFlight_FSX_Plugin_7_0_40_9_x64_Software” and “Saitek_Pro_Flight_Instrument_Panel_7_0_40_9_x64_Full_pfw”, however, might need a little tweak.

Some friends said to me that the installation of these two drivers was as easy as snapping fingers.   However, there were others telling me the opposite.  To be more exact, their FIPs wouldn’t start up after the installation, even though all the other Saitek gears work as usual.

To me, both statements are true since I experienced both extremes myself over the last few days. Continue reading

304: FIP Customizer Still Functions

Just installed the new Saitek drivers two days ago as its latest capability of displaying FIPs in desired order at start-up every time is a killer feature which has been longed for by almost all FIP users.

However, the installation or the upgrading of it could be a bit tricky.  I will write up another post later.

A good news, the FIP Customizer by Alexey still work perfectly with the new driver.   His other utility — the FIP Toolkit — has yet been checked, however.