310: Free Mesh

Just came across this FreeMeshX from NineTwo Production on the Internet, which was released in early May.   It looks gorgeous.  Some simmers on the Avism.com forum (extra information about the FreeMeshX here) say it is significantly better than the FS Global or even the FS Global Ultimate in some aspects.

It’s completely free.  Worth some download hours to get them, especially you don’t have any mesh so far.



6 thoughts on “310: Free Mesh

  1. Hi Tom!
    Thanks again for your very interesting posts :-), respective this one. I’m a “heavy user” of FS Global Ultimate in my flight sim and must say after nearly two years of experience with this gorgeous mesh: It’s my favourite addon!

    It enhances the sim in so many ways and offers something for every type of user: for the GA and low attitude simmer as well, as for the hardcore airline pilot, flying 30.000 feet AGL on a daily basis.

    BUT it takes a lot of free disk space – at least 100 GB, though its worth EVERY bits and bytes. I’ve investigated ” FreeMeshX” as you recommended above, also their screen-shots on: http://imgur.com/a/XJtBU#37

    My verdict: it’s pretty nice an far more better than default mesh, their project is continuously progressing AND its for free.

    BUT!!!!! the relief model of FSGlobal Ultimate looks quite more sharp, especially the ridges – maybe there is some lack of sharpnes in FSGU in some special areas. Allthough there can’t be much shortage – even Antarctica is construced with some GB under FSGU.

    Happy flyings and landings to all of you, dear pilot fellows :-),
    Klaus from Germany


  2. Thanks Tom….this sounds great and seems to be compatible with Orbx Global…I ran across another (I believe) free scenery product the other day that said that to install you had to remove all Orbx products and once you installed, you could not go back to any Orbx product like Global, etc……so,
    folks be careful and read up about compatibility before installing, especially if
    you have a lot of Orbx products installed…John H.


    1. Thanks for the note John. I guess not too many people will remove all their Orbx products for a free scenery.
      Also, one could reinstall FSX / P3D and then the Orbx again in the worst case ;)


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