308: Switching Between inHg and mBar

A friend recently asked if there is a simple way to change the barometric units from inHg to mBar on the Altimeter.   Unfortunately, no, it is NOT possible on the earlier free gauges.   But YES, it is possible on the paid gauges as their codings and image designs have been rewritten.

This automatic barometric unit switching feature should have been implemented earlier.   Anyway, here it comes at last.


Users of  the current Integrated Altimeter with VOR Gauge and Standalone Altimeter Gauge should have found the updates in their mailboxes by now.

Just follow the update instruction.   The barometric unit on the Altimeter will be switched between inHg and mBar automatically according to the Units of Measurement selected.

Any others who are interested in my Integrated Gauges could click here, or the Standalone version click here.   Download links will be sent within 48 hours upon notice received.



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