265: FIP Customizer Update

FIP Customizer version 1.02 has just been uploaded.  Details are in the file’s Changelog.

Alexey added his work was done through patching the DLL file that is part of the device’s DirectOuput service.

Also, maximum custom message size is 11 characters in the x64 bit version and 9 characters in the x86 version.  For font names, similar limitations to allow 7 and 5 characters respectively due to the amount of space available in the DLL file.


2 thoughts on “265: FIP Customizer Update

  1. Hello Tom,

    I’ve been looking through your pages and especially the Saitek gauges which is what originally brought me to your site. I have built a pretty generic cockpit (picture attached) which I can use for whatever plane or helicopter I like with at least SOME realism, The scenery is projected on to a screen in front. I would like to utilise some of your gauges and I’m quite happy to buy what I need but I can’t find the page to purchase them, could you point my in the right direction please.

    thank you,



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