740: USING Garmin GTN750 in MSFS

A few months ago, Robert Temmerman in Belgium wrote me an email about a new addon (by that time) in Flightsim.to, which could replace the G1000 or GNS430/530 on quite a lot of aircraft in MSFS with a Garmin GTN750.

I totally forgot about this.  Sorry Robert.  The addon is called “JDS PMSGTN750 on Others Mod” by JayDee, and it looks awesome.
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713: Custom Camera Restore Utility

It is quite annoying when the custom cameras I created for full forward view (see my Post 638 and 697) are reverted back to their defaults after MSFS 2020 or the addon aircraft themselves updated.

Therefore I created a small utility called MSFS_Camera_Restore to help put my custom cameras back quickly in case such situations happen.
CameraRestore05The objective of the utility is straightforward and requires no learning curve.  And it has virtually no limit to the number of cameras to be added.  Moreover, the original camera will be backed up prior to its adding to the utility, too.

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697: My Full Forward View Update

After months of tuning the Full Forward View adjustments described in Post 638, I have standardized the settings of the following three (3) paramters in “LandingPilot” [CAMERADEFINITION.2] on all aircraft as follows:
InitialZoom = 0.6
This gives me a zoom level generally the same as the external aircraft view.

InitialPbh = 0, 0, 0
This puts all aircraft on the ground horizontally without any tilting.

InitialXyz = x, x, x
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693: Gauges for PA28R Turbo III/IV Scheduled

Just flew about an hour with Just Flight’s newly released PA28R Turbo Arrow III/IV with my Arrow III gauges.

Besides the ASI, RPM and MFP, all remaining gauges in the current Arrow III series are good for the two new brothers as well.

That’s good.  I will schedule to work on those three gauges for the two aircraft.   And for those who already owned the Arrow III gauges, there will be discounts when the three gauges are ready.

686: More Just Flight PA28R Gauges Released

Except the Engine Cluster, seven (7) more gauges for the Just Flight PA28R Arrow III were just released, including the ADF, ALT, ATT, HSI, TCR and the 2 VORs.
And what’s more, from the previews of the company’s coming PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV and PA28-161 Warrior II, many of the gauges are very likely to be compatible with them as well.

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683: JF-PA28 VOR2 Left-deflection Fix

Have you ever noticed when the Just Flight PA28 Arrow III for MSFS is loaded with engine JF-PA28-VOR2-Needlerunning (meaning the aircraft isn’t started from cold and dark), its VOR2 needle is always deflected to the left?

It’s a bug, I believe, since the needle won’t return to center when no NAV signals are present.

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