149: Shade Shifter Version 2.1a Released

Another minor update of the Shade Shifter program which now shows the current Preset name has just been released.   It will help users to easily decide whether to keep the current one or to go to the Selection Screen for another Preset.

All existing users can make use of the same download link sent to you before to get the new version.

NOTE that the ONLY file you’ll need to replace is ShadeShifterV2.exe.    The new one has a modified date of 15-April-2012.   You will also find Shade Shifter v2.1a  at the top left corner on the Preset Selection Screen.

The next major update with some sorts of randomized Shade Preset selection feature, though a bit behind schedule, is still under development.    Any suggestions of new features are welcome.


148: Blowing Up Moving Map

Via FSWidgets iGMapHD, iPad can be turned into a moving map device as reported in Post 63 and adds a lot of fun to FSX experience.   However, should some one find the iPad display too small to read or want to be felt like in a flight control tower…  Well, what about putting the moving map onto a 52-inch or larger TV set?

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