767: New Multi-Shared VOR2

The VOR2 on the C152 and C172 used to be functioned and looked differently from each other and from the Multi-shared VOR1 as well when MSFS was launched.  However, the two VOR2s got different changes in the last two years and finally become identical to each other and look the same as the VOR1 after the recent update.MSFS_MS_VOR2_R1C_resize

The VOR2 in the C152 and C172 FIP series are therefore united as one and moved to the Multi-Shared Gauges category just like the VOR1.

In other words, users can use the new MS VOR2 on both C152 and C172 now, and Continue reading

766: G5 PFD AirSpeed Scale 220311 Update

Due to the brightness of the Vref marks on the G5 PFD Airspeed Scale is a bit overwhelming that causes distraction from the rest of the instrument, the Vref marks have been dimmed a little to restore the balance of the instrument as a whole.

Apology for the short update period since the last one 3 days ago.  Anyway, download Links have been sent to all users already.

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765: GENERIC G5 PFD SR22 Update

As there are quite some inquiries regarding the Cirrus SR22 airspeed scale for the GENERIC G5 PFDSR22it is therefore added as the third airspeed scale (C172, B58, SR22) coming as standard in the G5 PFD (both single- and dual-cue) R4 package now.

It can be called up by the “G5 Airspeed Switcher” utility after update.

With the SR22 3-Gauges Pack and the GENERIC G5 PFD+HSI, Continue reading

764: MSFS GaugeSwitcher Special Edition

Due to the latest Generic G5 PFD v4 coming with anAirspeed Switcher” utility to allow users to quickly switch among different Airspeed Scales for the aircraft being flown, a special MSFS GaugeSwitcher v11A, which embedded the Airspeed Switcher function, has been created for those Generic G5 PFD users who are using the GaugeSwitcher as well.

Except the extra PFD Airspeed Switcher function, the new v11A version works exactly the same as the current v11 in essence.

So, if you don’t have the Generic G5 PFD v4 in your setup, or you don’t run the Generic G5 PFD v4 in MSFS, you don’t really need this special edition. Continue reading