504: Poll Result – What Type of Aircraft You Fly Most ?

Following is the result of the survey “What Type of Aircraft You Fly Most?”

Votes were collected in the week of May 20 to 27, 2018.

The result is somewhat anticipated but one thing that surprises me was the response time from “Jet Flyers” to this poll was much faster than all others in the beginning. They leaded the result in the first two days. Are there any connections to what they are flying in terms of speed? haha

There were two voters in helicopter.  Understandable since FSX Times talks very little about it.   But none reported flying the glider is a bit out of my expectation as I received quite a few inquires about my gauges for them occasionally.

The two votes of Other fall in the Military.

Well, that’s all.   Let’s continue to wait for (or hope to hear) some exciting flightsim news from the coming Expo in Vegas on June 9.

503: Robin DR400/180 Gauges Completed

The Robin DR400 may not be as popular as the Cessna C172 worldwide.   But friends in Europe told me that it is still a well-liked aircraft especially in the Southern continent.

I made the ASI for it 18 months ago.   Now, the ATT, ALT, HDR and Integrated Engines are finished as well.

Together with the VSI from deHavilland DHC-2, TCR from MilViz DHC-2, VOR1 and VOR2 from Cessna C172SP, they generally complete the instrument cluster on the Lionheart DR400/180. Continue reading

Poll: What Type of Aircraft You Fly Most

A bit tied up with other distractions these days.   Moreover, the “atmosphere” seems to be a bit quiet — not sure if many people are waiting for the FlightSim Expo to come in June 9.

During a recent system check-up, I suddently noticed 90% of my flightsim time were spent on the single-props, the C172SP in particular.  A bit boring, I guess.

So tell me what you are flying most while we are waiting for (or hoping to hear) some exciting flightsim news from the coming Expo in Vegas.

Again, Firefox may not display the poll table correctly.   If you don’t see the poll table above, use other browsers instead.



502: Poll Result – Flight Simulator of Your Choice

Following is the result of the survey “Which Flight Simulator are Your Using?”
Votes were collected in the week of April-27 to May-3, 2018.   (The original post of the survey has been removed to avoid redundancy.)

From the result, none of the flight simulator surveyed takes up half the market, not even close.

Although Prepar3Dv4 is leading in the poll and the total number of v3 and v4 together adds up to 94, FSX + FSX-SE together is just 1 count behind.   This implies to me that the resistance against Prepar3D is still strong after its launch in May 2010, for eight full years. Continue reading