352: FIP Gauges for Carenado C152 II

Steve in Texas in the US said that

Most people that fly in the real world start their training in a 152 in preparation for their PPL

in the comment section of the last Post regarding Piper Cub gauge set announcement.   Couldn’t agree with him more.   So here’s the Carenado C152 II gauge set brought up front per his request.
Although the C152 II gauges look simple and similar to the C172 siblings, most of Carenado_C152-25the gauge components need to be reworked in order to match better in design.   In addition, many gauge responses from programming are different from their bigger brothers, too.

More than half the gauges in the package come with the Clean & Extended versions.   The Clean version, as its name suggests, is simply the replica of the gauge itself.   The Extended version includes additional features, such as Flaps and Trim Indications in the ADF and Vertical Speed Indicators respectively.

The smaller Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Quantity, Suction and Ampere gauges are integrated to the respective gauges according to their proximity in the cockpit.C152_Eng2_JPG
Virtually all working gauges on this C152 II have been included, from which users can mix and match for various purposes from serious practice to pure entertainment.

I never fly the C152 in the real world before but I am having some great fun with it while I was working on this project, especially my grandson didn’t interrupt me much during the whole period.

Anyone interested in this gauge set could click here for details.   Existing users of my other gauges could contact me for discount directly.

DO NOTE AGAIN that since orders are handled manually and my time zone might be far from yours, it might take up to 48 hours before download links are sent to you upon notice received.



4 thoughts on “352: FIP Gauges for Carenado C152 II

  1. Hi, according to my experience this works more or less indeed. I’ve done this with the C172 Cutlass, and it works as such, but after some time the radio Standby/Active switch and the flaps stop to work properly, I am 95 % convinced it’s connected to the fact it’s not native P3D3. No other (native) plane has these issues. Maybe the C152 behaves more friendly, though…

    Kind regards, Michael


    1. True. Some FSX addons are not so “friendly” to P3D. Whether using the migration software or the ripping approach won’t help.
      Fortunately the FSX C152 works great in P3D. Don’t see any trade-off so far, anyway.


  2. Thanks Tom. Unfortunately the 152 isn’t P3D3 comaptible yet (even worse, it’s not compatible to any P3D version)… and I got tired of those migration miracles. Carenao and their sister Alabeo could really speed up their P3D3 support a bit. Kind regards, Michael


    1. Hi Michael,
      You can simply copy the aircraft to P3D. It works perfectly on my system.
      The copy is quite easy as described in my Post 57. Create a dummy FSX folder with the fsx.exe in it. Then install the Aircraft to the dummy folder.
      After that, move all the files to P3D. That’s it.
      I’ve been doing this for many FSX addons. No need for any migration software at all.


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