294: C172 Wet Compass

Some friends asked me what would be the next gauges to fill up their “post-11th” FIPs after the C172_CMP_resize10 Standalone plus the one Integrated Fuel Gauges.

Alright, here is the newly done full-size Wet Compass designed to match with the Standalone Gauges, in which the OMI Markers and Signal Sound Indicators are included.

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News: Cockpit Videos and Photos Submitted

I’ve thought about making a video for the new C172 Standalone Gauges as I did for the earlier Integrated Series.   However, I wasn’t sure how to do it because I don’t have enough FIPs myself.

Luckily, Markus Anderson in Sweden just sent me his videos showing the Standalone Gauges with his newly bought BEH Force Feedback Yoke in his cockpit setup.   Looks pretty good to me.

Click the image to see the video.

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