258: P3D v2.3 Finally Up and Running

Even though my simulator is running smooth again after rolling back to v2.2.   My thought is still haunted by the mysterious cause and reluctantly to let it go.

After carrying out various deep cleanings on my computer and reinstalled a clean upgrade from a new download onto the same but reformatted SSD, eventually, the P3D v2.3 is up and running now.   Very likely that there were somethings missing in the first download or the stutters were caused by some unknown leftovers from the last version.

Well, there are still significant stutters encountered over certain areas sporadically.   But in general, the v2.3 upgrade is so far performing as it should be.

For the moment, it’s premature to say that the new version is better or worse than the previous one since nothing has been added to it yet.

Will update more after system is properly tuned.

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Misc: Rolled Back to P3D v2.2

After trying reinstalling and applying fixes to the new P3D v2.3 a couple of times, I just rolled back to v2.2.

I know there are users reporting an improvement from the new version.  Unfortunately I am not one of them.

Don’t know if the stutter issue was caused by my multi-monitors (probably not) or the clean install.   Will try again to upgrade the system from v2.3 patches and see what will happen next.

For now, glad to have my system back to normal and get rid of those horrible stutters.


Misc: P3D v2.3 Full of Issues on my System

Just had a clean install of the P3D v2.3 earlier today.  Full of expectations in the beginning but ended up in disappointments.

Horrible stutters are encountered as well as some addon utilities are not working.  I even haven’t started installing anything yet.  Not sure if it is my 3-monitor setup or what.  Very likely to roll back to v2.2 if issues couldn’t be solved in a couple of days.

256: Switching to P3D — An Afterthought

I being as a long-time FSX users switched to P3D recently, followings are my thoughts given to a friend who asked if it’s worth to “upgrade” from FSX to P3D.

Merely as a general pilot flight training aid, P3D doesn’t differ much from FSX in my experience.

Therefore, its $199.99 Professional (I’d rather call it a Basic) Licence price-tag is comparatively quite high.   If someone wants to develop software for it, he/she has to pay an extra $9.95 to Lockheed Martin every month.

Even though its $59.95 Academic Licence seems to be more reasonable, users of this Licence should note that they are positioning themselves as undergraduate or K-12 or pilot students.  I wonder how many users of this group are actually coming from the defined categories.

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