635: MSFS Gauge Table

One of the nice designs of MSFS is many of its cockpit instruments can be used across different aircrafts (despite practicability in real life), which in a way simplifies the construction of DIY cockpit using my MSFS Multi-shared FIP gauges.

Following is the table showing key instruments on the default propellers and turboprops in MSFS implemented and to be implemented.
MSFS_Gauge_ChartVia the table, one can check out the usage of each instrument on different aircraft according to the reference number or alphabet assigned to them, and further find out what gauges are included or not included from the cockpit layouts captured below.

Update 1: The number and alphabet indications are added to the corresponding gauges in respective cockpit images for clearer references.

MSFS Cockipts #1 – Propellers Continue reading

622: MSFS Control Mappings

At the moment, only a few accessories are instantly recognized by the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS).  The Honeycomb Alpha Yoke is one of them, which I used as a reference to set up my VRInsight Flight Master Yoke and other flightsim gears on my second computer.

It’s funny to look at the white buttons and the red buttons on the Yoke panel as they are wrongly placed carelessly.  The two red buttons for Batteries should be on the left and the two white buttons for Avionics should be on the right.   Wonder why no one from the Asobo team nor the Honeycomb team spotted the mistake and have it corrected in the last update.

Anyway, followings are the default button mappings on the Alpha Yoke: Continue reading

583: Free Home Flight Simulators Guide

Just came across this Pilot’s Guide to Home Flight Simulators on an email from Redbird Flight Simulations about their upcoming webinar Flight Simulation at Home.

Surely many of us have certain knowledge about flight simulation already, the book from the school is still a good reference to help pilots, student pilots and flightsimmers to keep their training focused with a flight simulator.  Click here or the image to download yours.