491: X-Plane B58 Gauges Video Preview

Below are two short videos of the soon-coming Baron 58 Gauges for X-Plane 11 recorded during tests:

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392: Putting GPS on the iPAD

A few days ago, Kim in Switzerland emailed me that he had built a touch-screen GPS using an iPad (see photo).

Frankly, even though I never thought about the idea of putting the GPS onto an iPad before, I have to admit that my immediate response to Kim’s approach was not excited because there are many apps available to turn the iPad into a second display for Mac or Windows computers.

From the many similar apps I tried before, none of them, in my opinion, was smooth enough to handle the data flow demand to and from FSX or P3D.   Some of them even caused serious dragging to the simulator in return.

But after checking the information Kim provided, I found his iPad was wired to his computer, rather than wirelessly connected over the network.

After further Googling the app he recommended, I decided to give it a try.  The result is surprisingly good. Continue reading

374: GaugeSwitcher 7a Update

The GaugeSwitcher utility, which allows the quickly switching among different gauge setups without quitting the simulator, has been updated to version 7a.

One of the major enhancements to the version is: the pressing of [Esc] key before profile switching in previous versions is no longer required.

As the video shown above, users just need to:

  • Call up the GaugeSwitcher during a flight session
  • Select the Gauge Profile to switch
  • Press [Confirm], the selected gauges will be activated immediately.

Other new features and changes coming with the new version are: Continue reading

338: Video of Aircreation 582SL Gauges

Per some friends’s request, here’s a short video showing what the Aircreation 582SL gauges look like on the screen.

BTW, many default FSX aircrafts are portable to P3D.   For example, I’ve been using FSX’s C172 SP in P3D for years without a problem.

Just copy the whole Airplanes folder from one platform to the other.  That will do.

Surely, for some aircrafts, you may need to copy their respective gauges and sound files from the “\gauges” and “\Sound” folders.

333: Switching Between Gauges

With the addition of the new A36 and the coming B58 Gauge Series, a friend Steve (and others) who asks:

After installation, what’s the prefered method for choosing between the A36 gauges and the C172 gauges, when going back and forth? Will the C172 gauges remain the default, and then you just scroll through the gauge choices on each individual gauge using the FIP up/down arrows to bring up the A36 gauges?

Here’s the solution:

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