404: A2A PA28 Engine Gauges Released

Didn’t expect to complete this Integrated Engine Gauges for the A2A PA28 so soon myself since I was saying that I had been stuck by the layout for it in the last post.   I just had it figured out in a dream a few days ago.   No kidding.

a2a_pa28_eng_gif-smallWith this Engine Gauges, all instrument on the A2A PA28 are almost covered.   Surely there will be new features, such as the Trim wheels & Flaps Indicators and stall indicator, to be added to the gauge set in future updates as in other gauges.

In addition, my button and knob setup in SPAD.neXt for this Integrated Gauges (such as the EGT reference needle) will be provided as references to users, too.

Anyone interested in this Engine gauges could click on the image above for more information.   And if you are already users of my the A2A PA28 bundles, feel free to contact me for discount via email directly.


403: S-TEC 30 TCR for A2A PA28 Released

This S-TEC 30 Turn Coordinator for A2A PA28 did take me quite some time to develop due to its complexity.   Many components in the equipment were newly made in order to fully map the auto-pilota2a_pa28_tec-30 features accordingly.  Frankly, I am quite happy about it myself.

This time, instead of just providing the gauge itself, I will include my button setup for the Auto-Pilot Switch, Auto-Mode Switch and Auto-Mode Turning Knob as references to users when they are setting their own.   Although SPAD.neXt is getting user-friendlier, I believe users would still be glad to see such help. Continue reading

News: REX WorldWide Airports HD Released

REX Simulations has just released its WorldWide Airports HD.   Have placed my order and the files over 6GB are being downloaded.
Have tried a number of other similar products before but not completely satisfied.   Based on the good work REX has done before, I can’t wait to see the fine graphics details to bring to my system.

Orbx has announced the development of HD autogens, if I remember correctly.   Everything will be HD in flight simulation in a year or two.

In other words, time to upgrade our PC hardware, too.

Edit: Quickly installed it and the result is Continue reading