403: S-TEC 30 TCR for A2A PA28 Released

This S-TEC 30 Turn Coordinator for A2A PA28 did take me quite some time to develop due to its complexity.   Many components in the equipment were newly made in order to fully map the auto-pilota2a_pa28_tec-30 features accordingly.  Frankly, I am quite happy about it myself.

This time, instead of just providing the gauge itself, I will include my button setup for the Auto-Pilot Switch, Auto-Mode Switch and Auto-Mode Turning Knob as references to users when they are setting their own.   Although SPAD.neXt is getting user-friendlier, I believe users would still be glad to see such help.

As planned, the Integrated Engine Gauges will be the last equipment to complete the PA28 Gauge Set.   However, I am still stuck on the layout for it at the moment.   It may take longer than expected for it to be ready.

Again, SPAD.neXt is required to run this gauge properly.   Furthermore, this S-TEC 30 is developed for the A2A Piper Cherokee and I am not sure if works on the A2A Comanche 250 as well since I don’t have the aircraft to test it.

Current users of the PA28 Gauge Set could contact me for discount on this S-TEC 30 Turn Coordinator.   Others who are interested could click here or the image above for more information.


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