News: REX WorldWide Airports HD Released

REX Simulations has just released its WorldWide Airports HD.   Have placed my order and the files over 6GB are being downloaded.
Have tried a number of other similar products before but not completely satisfied.   Based on the good work REX has done before, I can’t wait to see the fine graphics details to bring to my system.

Orbx has announced the development of HD autogens, if I remember correctly.   Everything will be HD in flight simulation in a year or two.

In other words, time to upgrade our PC hardware, too.

Edit: Quickly installed it and the result is not very good I must say.   Especially the grass textures, they look like bushes to me.

Just reverted all textures to their originals.

Don’t want to jump to the conclusion too early.   Probably I am doing it too quickly.   Will start all over again one by one to find the best fit to my environment.


6 thoughts on “News: REX WorldWide Airports HD Released

  1. Hi Tom-

    First, your first default installation should have been at least somewhat satisfactory to you because you are a reasonable person, you are a very experienced flight simmer, and a very experienced PC user. If this was another user who was new to flight sims and PC’s then we may assume an install step was missed or the like. In this case there is likely a flaw in the product….lets face it REX products usually have some kind of flaw and have a need for multiple service packs just to get the product up and running with the features boasted about in their marketing.

    Not sure if you tried the Zinertek HD airport product, but it does a fine job and does what it says. Most of us have GSX which details ground vehicles.

    It amazes me that REX develops this new product, when they have much older products (Essential) that have beta patches(SP4) to attempt to bring the feature list finally into the product(!). Also, if autogen all becomes HD, then VAS crashes will become much more of an epidemic than they already are – be ready to lower the sliders ever further – what would be the point in having a few surrounding bits of autogen in HD at KATL or EHAM?

    The REX company is failing at so much except their marketing that seems to be fooling 90+% of flight simmers. When is this community going to learn to how hold REX to their feature lists and demand refunds when their marketing does not match their product. We can force REX to provide full free demos to make them more accountable, or they will just lose more and more customers.


    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the confidence in my testing.
      One of my “surprises” from REX’s new product is the new product include Ground Environments and Airport Lighting, which are included in the company’s other product already.
      I am a bit disappointed in the overlappings.
      And especially, since I have REX Direct and Essential from the company and installed some of the features already, the duplication simply cause confusion.
      I have to screen and test one by one carefully to avoid messing up my existing installation.
      The other features are not bad, especially the Vehicle Models. But they don’t look significantly good in many “default” airports I “visited” after the enhancement.
      As I replied to another friend, I am by no means to disgrace the product.
      And every other user could have different opinion about it.
      I am just not impressed so far.
      Probably it will get better via future updates.
      I have Zinertek HD as well. Not bad indeed.
      But there’s no one-fit-for-all solution, there are pros and cons in it as well.
      I am trying to combine both strengthens together at the moment. Surely it’s for my own preferences.
      I was planning to write a follow up on REX HD. The reply above seems to be good and I’ll re-post it.


  2. Hi Tom

    I think I’ll wait until you have had a chance to use it for a little and see your final thoughts before taking the plunge, spent a fair bit on new software the past few days and it looks like the A2A Connie will be out soon as well.

    Have you tried FTX Central 3 yet? again I’ll wait until a new ORBX purchase before making any changes, FTX Innsbruck probably as everything is working perfectly for me just now and finely tuned as well and I don’t want to make any changes unless I have to.




    1. Yeah, Colin.
      No rush at all. Will test the Airports HD further. Also note that the HD objects are for generic airports. Not much change on those airports with dedicated addons already.
      Have installed the FTX Central 3. Still don’t like it.


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