398: Carenado CT206H Gauges Released

In terms of features, functions and layouts, instrument on the Carenado’s CT206H are very similar to the ones on the A2A’s C182T .
Surely there are differences among the two, such as the Altimeter on the CT206H has Dual Barometric Indicators and the NAV and GS needles on the CT206H’s VORs shift differently.

In addition, unlike the A2A C182T which needs SPAD.neXt to run properly, this CT206H FIP Gauges runs nicely under the Saitek driver, as well as SPAD.neXt.

The Manifold/Fuel Flow Gauges and the Integrated Fuel Gauges are under development.   They will be released soon.

Anyone interested in this new CT206H FIP gauges could click on the image above or here for more information.   And if you are already users of my other bundle gauges, feel free to contact me for discount via email directly.   In addition, special discount will be offered to owners of this bundle set, when the MFP and INTFG are released.

Lastly, besides the pre-defined bundles created for specific aircraft, users can now Create Their Own Bundles with any 3 Gauges or More, and then contact me for discount.


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