400: A Quick Report on REX Airports HD

I was planning to write a follow-up on the REX Worldwide Airports HD.   Following is my reply to Paul who commented my Post regarding the product earlier.

Short but seems to be good to express what I (as a user) feel about it so far:

One of the “surprises” I had from REX’s Airports HD is that I don’t expect to see the Ground Environments and Airport Lighting features that are in the company’s other product already.

Furthermore, since I have REX Direct and Essential and installed some of the features already, the duplication simply causes confusion.

I had to screen and test one by one carefully to avoid messing up my existing setup.   Eventually, I uninstalled them completely.

The other features are not bad, mostly buildings and the Vehicle Models.   They do bring improvements but they don’t look significantly good in many “default” airports I “visited” after the enhancement.

As I replied to another friend, I am by no means to disgrace the product.   I am just not impressed as a user.

Try and judge it yourselves.   I wish it will get better via future updates.

Don’t argue with me if you have different opinions.

I have Zinertek HD too.   It has its own pros and cons.

At the moment, I am trying to combine the strengths (things I like) together and avoid the weaknesses (things I dislike) from both of them.

Indeed, it’s based on my personal preferences, too.

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