After the recent SU8 update, I encountered serious stutters and intermittent freezes within the Switzerland areas.  My immediately reaction was to rebuild the rolling cache as I had experienced similar situation once or twice before.

However, the rebuilding didn’t solve the issue this time.

After playing with various settings with no luck, I then tested the system with no addons.  Wala !  The stutters and short freezes were gone.

I didn’t think of doing it in the first place because the stutters were happening in the Switzerland areas only.

So now the cause was found but which addon(s) was/were the culprit(s)? Continue reading

750: Ground Speed Display Fix

After the recent MSFS update, the Ground Speed Display on my MSFS FIP gauges no longer works. There are 3 types of instrument affected:

ASI Extended Versions of ALL aircraft
– Generic G5 HSI
– Generic G5 PFD

To fix the issue, one simply needs to change a command from
(A:GPS GROUND SPEED, knots) to (A:GPS GROUND SPEED) in the affected gauges.

Here’s how to do it: Continue reading

733: A Possible SU6 Fix to Store Users

While I was staying up late downloading the SU6 in the middle of the night, I received an email from John H. Helms saying that he couldn’t get his MSFS (Store version) updated to SU6.

He said the Sim notified him there was an update and took him to the Store.  But there was no update option at all.

He tried resetting the MS Store and logging off the Store, rebooting computer, and logging on again.  Neither worked.   He added that all previous updates worked without any problem.

While he was a bit confused about it all, he thought he did the followings to get the update eventually: Continue reading

723: My SU5 Tuning #4 – ReShade

In MSFS, objects in far distance, even on a clear fine day, are too hazy to me.  This is one thing in particular I dislike.  And the Sim Update 5  (SU5) further worsens it as the overall color tone has been washed out, making the scenery looks very dull.

I use ReShade to tune the screen to my preferences.  Click image to enlarge.
The app is somewhat like the “Shade for FSX” that changes the atmospheric effects in FSX in the old days, but ReShade for MSFS is more sophisticated.  And most importantly, I don’t see any impact from using it at all.
Continue reading

713: Custom Camera Restore Utility

It is quite annoying when the custom cameras I created for full forward view (see my Post 638 and 697) are reverted back to their defaults after MSFS 2020 or the addon aircraft themselves updated.

Therefore I created a small utility called MSFS_Camera_Restore to help put my custom cameras back quickly in case such situations happen.
CameraRestore05The objective of the utility is straightforward and requires no learning curve.  And it has virtually no limit to the number of cameras to be added.  Moreover, the original camera will be backed up prior to its adding to the utility, too.

For those Continue reading

709: A Fix to my RSG Interface not loading

One thing that frustrated me for quite some time was the RealSimGear Device Interface wouldn’t load up with MSFS automatically.

After the Interface was installed, I moved the whole package out from the MSFS\Community folder to the \Addons\Utility\RealSimGear folder on the same drive in my system, so that it could be activated via MSFS Addon Linkers.

Then I edited the Path of the Device Interface Module accordingly in the exe.xml file as follows:

    <Name>RealSimGear Add-on</Name>

The path was correctly pointing to the RealSimGear.exe but the Device Interface simply wouldn’t load with MSFS.

I had been scratching my head for quite some time why the setting wouldn’t work until today Continue reading

695: MSFS Gaming Services Error Fix

Rick Sheehan, a friend in the US, reported that he recently ran into a problem updating Gaming Services; showing an error 0x8007139f.  Since then, he couldn’t load MSFS (Microsoft Store version) any more.

After searched more than 50 sites and tried numerous possible fixes including several PowerShell fixes to no avail in a few days, he found a solution to get past the error, at the brim of reinstalling the simulator.

All he did was Continue reading

683: JF-PA28 VOR2 Left-deflection Fix

Have you ever noticed when the Just Flight PA28 Arrow III for MSFS is loaded with engine JF-PA28-VOR2-Needlerunning (meaning the aircraft isn’t started from cold and dark), its VOR2 needle is always deflected to the left?

It’s a bug, I believe, since the needle won’t return to center when no NAV signals are present.

To correct this error, we’ll have to flip Continue reading