602: FIP Turn On Fix

After Windows 10’s last few updates, I encountered some strange behavior on my Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs).  They are connected via two USB hubs on my networked Surface Pro as described in Post 581.  I normally turn them ON after the flight simulator is loaded on the main PC.

But after recent updates, a few FIPs (not the same every time) won’t turn on at all sometimes.  I’ll need to cold boot the Surface Pro in order to have them back to work normally.  This happens about once or twice in every 10 start ups.

The FIPs were checked; hubs – checked; power – checked.  I even swapped the ports and the hubs.  Nothing unusual found.  Besides Continue reading

600: A Bluetooth Fix on Asus X99

A friend having the same Asus X99 Deluxe II motherboard as I do last week phoned me if I had any idea why the Bluetooth on his system didn’t connect to any devices at all.  He said all software were the latest.

In order to connect to his Bluetooth headphone, he had to use an external Bluetooth dongle, which was clumsy and not user-friendly.

I had my head scratches in the beginning as I hadn’t have the issue before.  After a few Whatsapps, we together figured out it was Continue reading

586: Give the G Flight Yoke a 180° Mod

by Alexey Podrezov

After Logitech acquired Saitek, the entire Cessna Pro Flight line, including the highly praised Cessna Yoke, came to an end.  Out of discontent with the limited 90-degree rotation on the long-existed G Flight Yoke, Alexey, the developer of FIP Toolkit and Customizer, decided to give it a 180° mod.  Here’s the story.

After checking a few reviews on the existing flight simulator yokes on YouTube, I realized that my Logitech/Saitek G Flight Yoke needs to be modded.

The yoke’s rotation is limited to 90 degrees.  I am not sure why Saitek decided to do it that way, but I wanted to have the proper rotation angle: 180 degrees, like on the professional yokes and on the real airplanes.  So I bought a broken yoke (the main board seems to be fried) from a local guy and started to look for the ways to achieve my goal. Continue reading

578: No More Fuel-Flow Issue on XPL Gauges

Regarding the fuel-flow reading errors caused by Logitech’s X-Plane plugin on Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) reported in Post 505, I am so happy to announce that the nasty issue has been finally solved for good, no need to beg for help from Logitech any more.

In light of some addons I came across:  since the Logitech plugin fails to read the “fuel_flow_kg_sec” dataref properly, I popped up an idea that I could probably create something else to substitute the erratic function to read the fuel-flow values correctly. Continue reading

574: FIP Broken Knob Fix

In my Post 574, I mentioned that the two knobs on the face-plate of the FIP, if broken, are simply unrepairable, but Oz Flyer (David) in the Comment suggested two possible solutions to repair them.  Here’s the first one I just tried since I don’t have a 3D printer as required in his second suggestion.

Stuffs needed are just some super glue and WD40, and I put everything on a piece of paper to avoid either the glue or the WD40 spilling over onto the table.
Continue reading

570: X99 Cold Boot Issue Fix

My flightsim computer is built on the ASUS X99 Deluxe II motherboard with Intel i7 6850K CPU.  Not the top highend nor the latest model but it works nicely.

However, it has an annoying problem that it seldom boots up succcessfully from cold and dark — sorry, no prime function boost here.  Most of the time the system goes to Windows only from the second or sometimes the third or fourth startup attempt.

My computer and peripherals all have the latest firmware and drivers.  The issue persists whether I overclock the PC or not.

I searched the Internet and found the issue isn’t uncommon especially among systems built on the X99 chipset running Windows 10, regardless of brand.

I tried many suggestions, such as unplugging all USB devices when booting the computer, disabling/enabling certain features in BIOS, etc.

None of them helps until recently I found the following tweak: Continue reading

554: FIP Toolkit Fix for Saitek Driver

A friend, Francois, in France who recently contacted Alexey Podrezov, the developer of FIP Toolkit, about the problem he faced when trying to use the utility.  After getting a solution from Alexey, he reported back to me that the problem was due to the driver that he uses.

Instead of the more recent Logitech version, Francois is using the older FIP driver from Saitek, which somehow disables the creation of a Windows registry that is necessary for the running of the Toolkit during installation.

To fix the issue, he will have to Continue reading