683: JF-PA28 VOR2 Left-deflection Fix

Have you ever noticed when the Just Flight PA28 Arrow III for MSFS is loaded with engine JF-PA28-VOR2-Needlerunning (meaning the aircraft isn’t started from cold and dark), its VOR2 needle is always deflected to the left?

It’s a bug, I believe, since the needle won’t return to center when no NAV signals are present.

To correct this error, we’ll have to flip Continue reading

678: Fitting RSG GNS Display Easily

Read from RealSimGear’s forum that some users have alignment IMG_1577_resizeissues when moving the GPS displays from the virtual cockpit to the GNS430 and GNS530.

The official instruction says that there is no need to resize the popped out GPS screens from the virtual cockpit. Just move them over to the GNSs and press right Alt-Enter.  The GPS screens will fit on the devices accordingly.

Unfortunately, it’s not just those users in the forum having problems in doing so.  I encountered the same situation that the GPS screens wouldn’t fit onto the GNSs by following the official instruction as well.

Here’s my solutions: Continue reading

673: MSFS is really Depressing – Update

I am so happy to report that the MSFS on both my machines have recovered from CTDs. One by reinstalling to a new folder.  The other was by replacing the Community Folder with an empty one.

After I posted the CTDs on both my machines yesterday, Robert Temmerman suggested me to remove the Community folder to avoid any potential or tangible incompatibility among the addons in the folder with MSFS update.  He said he ran into similar situations before and it took him a while to figure this out.

Jim Gerow also forwarded me an announcement from RealsimGear saying that their addons are temporarily incompatible with MSFS after France update and they are working onto fixing it.

Sadly, I didn’t receive any notice from RealsimGear nor I alerted enough to aware that the GNSs I recently added to my system would be the culprit causing the crash.

Unfortunately, Continue reading

654: My Vegetations Mod Updated

In addition to some adjustments to the maximum and minimun values in my last modified vegetation file reported in Post 648, a new tweak to display trees to far distance without performance hit (click image below to enlarge) is further included.  It has become my MUST-HAVE tweak for MSFS 2020.

As we know that simulators only load up autogens within specific distance surrounding the aircraft.  With this mod showing vegetations virtually unlimited in far distance, the popping up of other autogens becomes unnoticeable — giving you an illusion that everything is already in place.

The last modified vegetation file I put in the Freeware Section in my Store has been updated with this new one. Continue reading

648: My MSFS Vegetations Mod

Vegetations in MSFS are generally regarded oversized and look unrealistically.  There are tips on the Internet to help improve the situation by reducing the MAX and MIN values of all entries in the 10-asobo_species.xml file under “/fs-base/vegetation” folder to about 60% – 80% (or about 4 – 8 points) of their originals.

Vegetations look more realistic with the mod

My personal preference after tests is to keep the minimum values unchanged but to lower the maximum values to the same values of the minimum; or to 5 when the minimum values are less than 5.

Reducing all the maximum values to the minimum values is also good.

Here’s the download link to the five Vegetation files Continue reading

647: Logitech MSFS Plugin Won’t Work Alone

When I installed the Logitech’s MSFS Plugin onto my two computers (one new, one rebuilt) a couple of weeks ago, I got puzzled because all my Logitech’s Pro Flight Panels worked nicely with MSFS, except the Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs).

There were nothing on the displays — no serial numbers, no product images.  All screens were blank.  And the most frustrated was Windows recognized them all and said they worked normally.

On my last computer I just replaced, the MSFS Plugin works seamless without any issue.  I just have the Plugin installed and off it goes.

It took me nearly a day to figure out that Continue reading

646: G Flight Yoke 180° Mod Completed

Remember Alexey’s G Flight Yoke 180° modification and repair project in Post 586 ?  He just notified me that the project has completed.

The last step was to install the Leo Bodnar’s custom controller board instead of the broken Saitek’s board. As the result, the yoke kept 90% of its previous functionality except for the mode switch and the timer display. With the new board the yoke’s input became smoother, so the 180 degree rotation mod applied earlier now allows better control of the aircraft. The last mod will also help people whose yokes are broken to bring them back to life with the help of Leo Bodnar’s controller board, said Alexey.

Anyone interested in his project could see the videos showing the last modification and testing here: Continue reading

626: Logitech’s MSFS Plugin is Good but Not Perfect

Just installed the Logitech’s Plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator earlier today.  The content of it is saved onto the C:\Program Files\Logitech\Microsoft Flight Simulator Plugin folder.

The Plugin works more or less the same as the company’s Plugin for X-Plane — once it is installed, you can forget about it.  The plugin will activate automatically with the simulator, allowing panels to communicate with MSFS accordingly.

To use my gauges with this new Plugin, just further copy the FSX_Times_Gauges folder and the LogiFlightSimX.xml file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Logitech\FSX Plugin to this directory, and rename or copy the LogiFlightSimX.xml to replace the PluginPages.xml file.  That will do.

However, Continue reading