326: Prepar3D v3.1 – A MUST Update

Perhaps some of you already aware that Preap3D v3.1 is out.   If you are still hesitating whether or not to update, just in fear of any unexpected issues, especially the Xmas is coming, I would say “Yes” — Definitely — even just for the enhanced lighting effect.    Click images below to see the full pictures.


They are gorgeous, aren’t they?  Continue reading

325: GPS Navigation Fix for VOR1

Trevor Bagnell in Canada recently reported that when NAV1 radio is controlled by the GPS signal under a filed flight plan, the Standalone C172 VOR1 gauge (Integrated as well) doesn’t respond accordingly.

With no flight plan, he said, the localizer needle on the VOR1 of course remains centered when the NAV/GPS Switch is toggled to GPS.

But when a flight plan is active, the NAV1 radio will be controlled by the GPS signal.  The localizer needle on the VOR1 should deflect accordingly.

The virtual panel gauge localizer needle reacts to being off the centreline of the flight plan.  The FIP gauge does not, he added.

Trevor submitted a video explaining the case as follows: Continue reading

324: Make Your Aircraft Invisible

It’s still true that I mainly flightsim in one of the following cockpit views reported in my Post 181.

1. Landing/Takeoff — showing the hood from the pilot seat on the left
2. Cruising — showing outside scenery only
3. Normal Cockpit — used only when FIPs are turned off

To implement the Cruising View, in particular, I used to disable the 2D-Cockpit in the camera.cfg first, and then create a specific CameraDefinition for it.    Recently, I found Prepar3D has a hidden feature which makes this customization process totally unnecessary as shown in the video below:

Two steps only are required: Continue reading

323: Don’t be Fooled

Received quite a lot of spam mails regarding a self-claimed award winning and most realistic flight simulation on the market recently.   Did a search and found that this ProFlightSimulator is actually a rebrand of an open-source flight simulator developed by FlightGear.    The guys just copied and markets the free product for $197 (discounted to $97).   Unbelievable!

Here’s the statement regarding the scam by FlightGear.   Most sadly, there’s nothing the developer can do about it under the Open Source GNU GPL v2 protocol.   So be careful and don’t be Santa in this way.


322: Wind Indicator on C172 Heading Gyro

Different to the Integrated version, the design of my Standalone C172 Heading Gyro doesn’t come with anyC172_HDG_Wind_Taxi indication of wind direction so as to render a more realistic appearance.

Many users, however, have been requesting to include such a feature because it is a useful reference while taxiing on the ground so that proper aileron and elevator actions could be conducted against strong headwinds, crosswinds or tailwinds as in the real life situation. Continue reading

321: C172 Gauges Price Reduced

Due to the coming of Christmas and the new A36 and B58 gauges, plus the C172 gauges have been released for nearly a year, prices of both the Integrated and Standalone C172 gauges have been reduced up to 25% off.

In addition, the latest versions of both series, now equipped with the newly written installer, are fully compatible with both the file structures from the old and the new Saitek drivers as well as the SPAD.neXt driver as mentioned in the previous post.

Installation is even simpler.   Continue reading