757: C152+DR400 Gauges 22-01 Update

Some of the C152 and DR400 Gauges are revised accordingly due to recent MSFS updates.

In addition, graphics renderings of them are improved as well, which brings positive results to all users, especially to those who runs their Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) with the default Logitech MSFS plugins.

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755: C172 Gauge 22-01 Updates

Due to recent MSFS updates, many of my FIP gauges need to be revised accordingly.

For example, the VOR2 of the C172 has been changed completely to an appearance similar to the Multi-Shared VOR1 that is used on the aircraft but with lesser features, such as no glideslope, etc.
In addition, the Ground Speed on the Extended Version of the ASI has to be revised to reflect the change in the MSFS update.

Besides, the C172 HDG, plus the Multi-Shared ALT, RPM, VOR1 and RPM used on the aircraft are updated accordingly with improved graphics rendering as well.

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754: GENERIC G5 HSI R4 Major Update

The GENERIC G5 HSI has been updated to Revision 4.

One of the major improvements in the update is the addition of a new VOR2 version, so as to better match with the operations on the aircraft equipped with the G1000 in MSFS 2020.

In addition, virtually all images of the new HSI are recreated with enhanced graphics rendering.  The results are positive, which are especially beneficial to all users who runs their Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) with the default Logitech MSFS plugins.

Here’s a short video showing the new GENERIC G5 HSI switching between VOR1, VOR2 and GPS modes:

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