603: My Cockpit Rev #21 – Covering up FIP Up-Dn Buttons

From time to time, I receive emails from non-SpadneXt users asking if it is possible to turn off the up/down LEDs on the FIPs.  Frankly speaking, I didn’t care much whether they were lit or not in the past.  So typically I would give them an answer NO.

Until recently I have my cockpit layout properly,  I then understand why they have the needs.  Even so, my answer was still a NO unfortunately.

But there was one time I was joking to a friend saying that “You could Continue reading

601: My Cockpit Rev #20 – Ruddo Rudder Adjustment

VirtualFly’s Ruddo (not the plus model) is one of the highly praised rudders on the market.  I got mine last year but only started using it until a few months ago (for some personal reasons).
The Ruddo is made of metal completely and therefore very heavy and sturdy.  And unlike other similar products, it comes with 8 springs to allow users to configure the best possible pressing force on the pedals of their choices for ideal maneuverings.

It is so far the best rudders I ever have.

However, there’s one thing I don’t like in particular — it is Continue reading

594: My Cockpit Rev #19 – Mini Keyboard

With my DIY cockpit gradually forming in shape, I found the using and fitting of the keyboard and mouse a bit clumsy.  The worse is they cannot be simply “trashed” as they are needed for many inputs and controls, such as airport switching.

In the end, I found a solution of replacing the normal keyboard and the mouse with a miniature keyboard that comes with an integrated touchpad.  The best part is the keyboard even has a backlit.

Actually it (D8) is not my first choice. Continue reading

592: My Cockpit Rev #18 – Full Cockpit Trial

I bought a full scale C172 glare-shield for my cockpit rebuilding back in 2017.  After setting up the FIPs and Avionics stacks two weeks ago, I found out they didn’t fit to each other.

Since the FIPs were leaned backward on their original plastic frames, which didn’t match with the vertical avionics stack at all, I then decided to replace them with a one-piece wooden frame just like the one I made for the avionics.  Moreover, as the avionics in one stack format would leave many empty spaces on the right, I decided to put them into a B58 style layout as well.

In addition, two 12-push button switch arrays from iflysims.com were added to the cockpit for general functions, such as open doors, etc.

Followings are the pictures during the makeover: Continue reading

591: My Cockpit Rev #17 – Parking Brake T-Handle

Over the last few months, I’ve been looking for a proper T-shade handle to replace the unattractive pull button handle on my parking brake.  Among the last three candidates I chose, the nylon one on the right is the final winner.

However, as the screw size of it is an M-6 and the shaft of the parking brake is an M-4, I have to additionally source Continue reading

581: My Cockpit Rev #15 – FIP Cable Management

There are 12 FIPs in my system, and the two USB hubs they plugged in are placed closely.  As the cables coming with the FIPs are quite long, heavy and hard to bend, they are troubles everytime I want to tidy them up properly.

They have been headaches to me for a long time until I finally figured out how to deal with these cables recently. Continue reading

580: My Cockpit Rev #14 – Yoke Position Mod

After the FIP Adaptation mod yesterday, I found the protruding placement of the Alpha Yoke particularly eyesoring, since it is hard to cope with the other Saitek / Logitch panels as reported in my review for the yoke.

Of course, to those Alpha Yoke owners who don’t have any Logitech panel, it is not a problem at all.   But it is to me.   Here’s how how I got ride of this eyesore earlier this morning.  And it was pretty easy. Continue reading