560: My COCKPIT REBUILDING #10 – Parking Brake Remodified

Although the using of the dental floss picks plastic box for the parking brake modification described in last post does the job nicely, the plastic box itself in milky transparent color, however, looks a bit odd among my other cockpit stuffs.  Moreover, as the case was hard-drilled onto the underneath side of the table, I find I am giving myself a hard time when I need to readjust its position accordingly when the yoke is moved.

After many different attempts, I finally managed to repackage the parking brake module onto a hard paper board cut from an old Chinese Moon Cake box. Continue reading

559: My Cockpit Rebuilding #09 – Modified Parking Brake

The picture on the right is a parking brake module I bought from Desktop Aviator many years ago.  It didn’t even come with a decent brake handle. The device was kept in the storage until I “discovered” it when I was looking for something else.

Although it is trivial, I told myself that it should add fun to my system — I finally recalled that was the idea I bought it originally.
But then I found it too big to fit into the location under my yoke.  So I opened the case to check out if it could be modified.

Luckily it is possible since the housing is wasting an awfully lot of space with just one tiny circuit board and a pull-push knob inside.

After some searching, I eventually picked a dental floss picks plastic box as the new case for it. Continue reading

523: My Cockpit Rebuilding #08 – TV Surround

I don’t want to wait another day or another week and therefore spent the whole afternoon yesterday hanging up the TVs.  Luckily I am using warehouse racks, installation was a lot simpler than I thought.

Here are some photos of the cockpit before and after the installation.   A quick video of my first flight with the new TV setup is at the end.

My room before installation

Continue reading

522: My Cockpit Rebuilding #07 – Big TVs

My cockpit rebuilding has ceased for almost a year.   There were many reasons and one of them was the unsuccessful of getting reasonably priced but good quality TVs to be used as side windows in my rebuilding.

Luckily, I got a bargain deal last Sunday.   It is a Samsung 49-inch with 4K capability.  Price for two is about $1,000 which is even cheaper than a new iPhone XS.

The two TVs were received this morning.  I have scheduled to put them up in the next couple of weeks.

So glad that I am finally moving another step forward after all these months.

459: My Cockpit Rebuilding #06 – Colored Switches

My Post 111 described the swapping of toggle switches on the Saitek Panel to make them easier to be identified in a dim environment.   On my new Yoke, I have the toggle switches “color-coded” with heat shrinkable tubes.

The modification is a lot simpler and meet the same purpose.   And it prevents, or to the least covers up, oxidation on the switch handles.   Also, they are cheap and easy to replace if worn out. Continue reading

440: My Cockpit Rebuilding #05 – Glare Shield

Not much progress in my cockpit rebuilding.   Part of the reason is the time I mostly put on the Prepar3Dv4 in the last few weeks.    Also, there are still a few more parts and accessories I am waiting to get.

Here’s the Cessna glare shield I received earlier today from UK.

The quality of it in ABS plastic is good.   But Continue reading

432: My Cockpit Rebuilding #04 – PC Tuning

Followings are the storage drives I so far added to my new computer.   Except the 2TB Backup drive (O:), all are SSDs of various size from previous purchases.

Major System Folders have been reassigned to various drives, so that user data could be kept intact and independent from System drive (C:) in case Windows is required to be restored or even reinstalled. Continue reading

429: My Cockpit Rebuilding #03 – Racks Installed

Many friends emailed me how I find the new 64-bit Prepar3D v4.    I wish I had some comments but I am still repacking my room with so many things to tidy up and clean before I can move on to set up my new cockpit.  Moreover, it’s really no rush at this moment as there are so many addons needing to be updated before they can fully work with the new simulator.

Followings are some photos of the status of my room so far.

This is how my room looked before the rearrangement.   It’s 5 feet wide and 8.8 feet long.   There are many books and computer stuff stored in the tiny area.

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424: My Cockpit Rebuilding #02 – Hold Short

Even though many of the new hardware I ordered, such as the MFG Crosswind Rudders, are arriving these days, the progress of my rebuilding, unfortunately, has come to a halt due to the waiting for the outside racks.

Out of expectation, the same happens to my new computer installation as well even on the software side.

Nevertheless, I can’t help getting a grin on my face as the performance of it right out of the box is already double Continue reading