664: My Cockpit Rev #28 – RealSimGear

I’ve been tied up with many things after the Chinese New Year.  As a result, there was not a single Post for nearly a month.   Fortunately, things are sorting out now and I hope to resume posting new stories as regular before.

Coming back to my home cockpit, I just received the GNS 430 and 530 from RealSimGear today after more than two months’ waiting.
Inevitably my radio cluster needs major revamp again.  I hope it won’t take me long to start working on it since the final appearance should look appealing.

Actually I’d been Continue reading

653: My Cockpit Rev #25

During the last two holiday weeks, I basically spent all my free time on playing MSFS 2020, and fine-tuning the computer and MSFS setup.  Now the Radios from Flight Illusion is working fine with MSFS in general.  Even though not fully compatible, yet they look great together with the FIPs.

Regarding the Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder I added to my system last November, I would say it is the best from all Pedals I’ve ever used. Continue reading

651: My Cockpit Rev #24

Plan can’t catch up with change — my cockpit rebuilding project is a good example.  It was virtually completed right before the launch of the MSFS 2020 a couple of months ago.  Many components I built for P3D then have to be reworked to cope with the new simulator now.

For  example the Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) that were networked and now have to be connected to the main PC directly; and the two TVs on both sides are no longer usable for surround purposes as they are in different sizes (main TV 65-inch; side TVs 49-inch) that MSFS doesn’t support.

Fortunately, new plan is catching up.  Except the avionics set, others have been set properly even though finetuning is still needed.

Also, there are new components to be added soon.  Continue reading

643: My Cockpit Rev #23 – My New Rig

It’s almost four years since I purchased my last computer for flight simulation.  It’s still working good.  However, it’s commonly agreed that hardware for flight simulation is just like the song in the “The Greatest Showman” movie – Never Enough.

Cannot say it’s the best timing to upgrade but since my work computer (nearly 10 years old) acted a bit odd lately, I decided to substitute it with my current flight computer and purchase a new one for flight simulation.

The specs are: Continue reading

609: My Cockpit Rev #22 – Flaps Lever

I’ve been playing a lot with the newly bought 3D printer lately.   After many failures, I finally made a satisfied Flaps Lever to replace the little black round button coming with the Flaps Indicator by Desktop Aviator.

The 3D model of the Cessna flap lever I earlier sourced from the Internet wasn’t bad.  However, it is a bit small and the shaft hole doesn’t fit the metal shaft, which is flat, on the indicator.

Therefore, instead of modifying the file, Continue reading

603: My Cockpit Rev #21 – Covering up FIP Up-Dn Buttons

From time to time, I receive emails from non-SpadneXt users asking if it is possible to turn off the up/down LEDs on the FIPs.  Frankly speaking, I didn’t care much whether they were lit or not in the past.  So typically I would give them an answer NO.

Until recently I have my cockpit layout properly,  I then understand why they have the needs.  Even so, my answer was still a NO unfortunately.

But there was one time I was joking to a friend saying that “You could Continue reading

601: My Cockpit Rev #20 – Ruddo Rudder Adjustment

VirtualFly’s Ruddo (not the plus model) is one of the highly praised rudders on the market.  I got mine last year but only started using it until a few months ago (for some personal reasons).
The Ruddo is made of metal completely and therefore very heavy and sturdy.  And unlike other similar products, it comes with 8 springs to allow users to configure the best possible pressing force on the pedals of their choices for ideal maneuverings.

It is so far the best rudders I ever have.

However, there’s one thing I don’t like in particular — it is Continue reading