231: AffinityMask for P3D V2

Although I said that FSX is still my preferred simulator platform, it doesn’t mean that I am totally giving up on P3D V2.   The two main issues that stop me from swtiching to this highly expected simulator are third-party addon compatibility and lagging FIP gauges.

For the first one, I couldn’t do anything but to wait for updates and fixes from either Lockheed Martin or related developers or we users ourselves.  For the second, after weeks of on-and-off trials and errors, I am glad to say that the lagging issue my FIPs encountered has been generally reduced to a minimum level that is now fully playable under P3D environment.

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230: C172M Cockpit Measurements

Brian McMullan who lives in Louisville, USA earlier sent me his measurements of a real C172M cockpit, from which he replicates his virtual one at home.

The sketch on the left below is the measurements (in centimeter; no distance of pedals from front to back) that he climbed in and measured it out from a real C172M that he usually flies.   The one on the right is how he put the Saitek parts on the table top of his virtual cockpit.  Even though no FIPs, Brian says that they should fit between instrument LCD and Saitek radio panel, if installed.

14-0104_Brian-McMullan-C172M  14-0104_Brian-McMullan-Cockpit

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229: Piper PA28 Instrument Panel

Van Vangyver, a member of the “Swedish Home Cockpit Builders” group, recently sent me some CAD files that he drew for the “Piper PA28 181 Archer II Simulator Project” run by Esko Haanpää on facebook.
PA28-PanelDimensions of the drawings are based on a real Cherokee PA28-140 and Esko’s project requirements.  The files, in .dwg, .dxf and .pdf format, can be printed on 25 standard sheets of paper with cut marks so that they could taped together for a full-scale template.

For those Piper PA28 lovers wanting to build their own cockpits, the instrument panel files are great references.

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