644: MSFS DR400 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for the MSFS DR400 was just completed before the scheduled deadline.   Those who ordered the DR400 pre-sale should have the download link for it in their mailboxes by now.  If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.

This Gauge should have been done earlier if I were not stuck by some issues from the simulator.  For example, the data of Fuel Pressure and Oil Temperature Continue reading

643: My Cockpit Rev #23 – My New Rig

It’s almost four years since I purchased my last computer for flight simulation.  It’s still working good.  However, it’s commonly agreed that hardware for flight simulation is just like the song in the “The Greatest Showman” movie – Never Enough.

Cannot say it’s the best timing to upgrade but since my work computer (nearly 10 years old) acted a bit odd lately, I decided to substitute it with my current flight computer and purchase a new one for flight simulation.

The specs are: Continue reading

642: MSFS C152 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for MSFS C152 has been done today, which completes the C152 MSFS Gauge Set and is compatible with the MSFS C152 Acrobat version as well.

Those who ordered the C152 pre-sale bundle should have received the download link in their mailboxes by now. If not, contact me via email or the Comment Section below.

There’s one more DR400 Engine Gauges to complete the pre-sale offer.  Should be ready by end of the month as scheduled.


641: MSFS C172 Engine Gauges Updated

The MSFS C172 Engine Gauges has just been updated with smaller fuel pump

and valve off indicators, so that they are not stressed too much and still significant enough to be noticed when activated.

Users of the Engine gauges could use the same download link to get the updated file and reinstall it to overwrite the older version.  If the link is discarded, Continue reading

640: MSFS C172 Engine Gauges Delivered

The Engine Gauges for the C172 in MSFS has been done earlier today.  This completes the C172 MSFS Gauge Set.

New elements, such as the flashing indicator for Fuel Pump, are added to the design to make it more interesting to use.

The Engine Gauges for the C152 and DR400 are being worked on and should be ready as scheduled before the end of month.

Continue reading

639: Full Forward View #2

In my last post about setting up a Full Forward View without Instruments, Michael sent in a comment below:

I’m in the same situation and have been using this for quite some time, however, with one modification:

I first make a copy of the camera file using (I think Alt+Ctrl+0). This will be saved under, e.g.

C:\Users\[your profile]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_C172sp_classic

In this file you can make the amendment above.

You can then switch back and forth between the “normal” and the “shifted” camera using Alt+0. I found this somewhere on the official forum. This way you don’t have to modify the original files.

Thanks Michael and that’s another approach of creating a full forward view with no instruments, too.

Well, either method has its pros and cons: Continue reading

637: User-configured Input Data Location

One thing I in particularly dislike in MSFS is the way how it handles Control inputs.

In FSX/P3D and X-Plane, all you need to do is simply pressing the buttons or switches on a controller, the programs will recognize them for the functions you want to assign them to immediately.   On the contrary in MSFS, you’ll have to find out the mappings of the buttons and switches on a controller or accessory first before you really know which buttons or switches are which to assign them to the intended functions.

That’s not just user-unfriendly, it’s pretty awkward.  Hope that it’s going to change in future update.

Anyway, here’s the location where user configured control data are stored on my computer — “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\270793180\1250410\remote“.

My Steam Library and MSFS are on F:\ drive.  Continue reading