246: Wet Compass Update

Haven’t updated my gauges for a long time.   Here are two full-width wet compass versions with minor graphics enhancements over the last one from Post 222.

The one on the left is for general aircrafts and the other is for 737, which is based on the model found on the aircraft.

Wet_Compass_140511W  Wet_Compass_737_140511

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245: My Updated TrackIR 5 Setting

Due to my new multi-monitor setup,  the TrackIR profile I’ve been using since December 2011 has been updated recently as follows:


Basic tuning process is more or less the same as described in Post 82 for an optimized result that could minimize fatigue to the eyes.   Anyone who are interested to give it a try could download Continue reading

243: Lost and Found

Switching to P3D could also mean losing many handy features added to FSX previously.  FSDiscover is definitely one of them.  Until Flight1 launches a P3D compatible version, command TOGGLE_AIRPORT_NAME_DISPLAY is my temporary measure when I am lost in the sky.

Just open the Standard.XML file inside the Controls folder where Prepar3D.cfg is located.   Then add the command to any key or key combination and save it.   That’s all.   Names of airports around current location will be shown when the key or key combination is pressed.

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