784: Various MSFS HSI Updated

Similar to the Wind Direction Needle fixes to the various HDG’s earlier, HSI’s of the DHC6 TwinOtter, M20R Ovation and PA28R-JF Arrow III have been updated accordingly.

Download Links have been sent to all users already.

If you have not received the email in the next 12 hours, please check your spam folder first and then contact me.

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782: Various MSFS HDG Updated

While working on the update of the Engine Cluster for the MSFS C172 earlier, I found the Wind Direction Needle on the C172 HDG Extended Version misaligned. MSFS_C172_HDG_Wind

After checking the codes, the Magnetic Variation parameter, which was a part of the Wind Direction component, is no longer used.  No idea when such change was taken place.

Anyway, necessary revisions have been carried out to the three HDGs, Multi-Shared HDG, C172 HDG and Just Flight Arrow III HDG, which include a Wind Direction Needle in their Extended Versions.

Download Links have been sent to all users already. 

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781: New Wet Compass for MSFS C172

I have a wet compass with Audio Panel and Annunciator made for the C172SP in FSX/P3D.  However, it cannot be simply converted for MSFS because the Audio Panel on the MSFS C172, not only layouts but also programming codes, are different.

Thanks to a US friend Ross’s sponsorship, a new Wet Compass custom-made for the MSFS C172 has been developed accordingly.

The first video below shows the button operations for the Audio Panel, and the second video demonstrates the popping up of the Annunciator Panel when fuel is low and magneto is off.
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779: Skipping the Ready-to-Fly Button

Just found a new addon called Ready to Fly Button Skipper on Flightsim.to which allows any flight to start automatically without the need of mouse-clicking the “READY TO FLY” button.

What’s more, the trigger time can be shortened or lengthened by altering the value as shown in the highlighted script in the MissionStartup.html of the addon.
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778: Pilot Camera Positions

I know the first 4 definitions in an aircraft’s camera.cfg define the positions of Pilot (VFR), ClosePilot (IFR), LandingPilot and Copilot in the virtual cockpit respectively.

But I always mix them up and don’t remember what keyboard commands are used to activate them, even though I modify them from time to time.

So when I was re-configurating new cameras for the C172 recently, I deliberately captured the four positions and put them here for my future reference.
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