536: G5 for X-Plane is Available Now

The wait for the Garmin G5 style PFD and HSI for X-Plane running with Logitech’s Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) is now over.

Thanks to all who paid in advance to support this project.

Download Links were sent about a week ago.  Just in case you did not see them in your mailbox, contact me directly or via comment section below.

Similar update to the existing FSX/P3D G5 gauges to match with the current G5 version will be carried out in the next few months.


8 thoughts on “536: G5 for X-Plane is Available Now

  1. Will these work with SPAD.neXt? In the shop they are marked as Logitech. Or will there be SPAD.neXt versions later? I just learned from the SPAD.neXt forum there will be reworked XP-code (beta for now) so this would be an interesting option.

    Thanks and kind regards, Michael


    1. No, they are not compatible with SPAD.neXt, or SPAD.neXt is not compatible with them the other way around, at least not for the moment.
      Isn’t it a good thing if they are doing this?


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