To All Subscribers

Have been receiving quite some questions about not getting the download link for the utilities I wrote.   I replied this question to individuals directly in the past.

Along with the release of the FlyZone Switcher, I think it is better for me to post my recent reply to Dustin (and a few others) who just asked the same question again why it is so:

…  I once sent out the first version of my ShadeShifter to all subscribers.    However, … some people were not keen and many expressed not happy to get emails like this.

So from that moment on, I ONLY send the download link of my utility to those people (subscribers of my blog only) who specifically show interests and request for it.

This is the practice I am taking for my blog — If you are interested in something I create, send me a request.

Also, you MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER to this blog.

I take this as a basic mutual respect.    And I make this statement clear in many of my posts.

I definite spend a lot of time (and money) keeping this blog running, not to mention the efforts I put on designing, programming and testing the utilities I share them for free.

So, please don’t feel bothered by just sending me a request for something that may bring you extra fun in FSX.

For those who are interested to get a copy of the new FlyZone Switcher,  it will take a while because I would like to get some feedbacks from the first round of users first.    But it shouldn’t take long.

Moreover, don’t stop notifying me of your interest by sending me a comment post.