277: Interested in DIYing your Rudder Pedals?

Van Vangyver of Computer Simulator Builder and Swedish Home Cockpit Builders groups just sent me information of his newly designed Rudder Pedals, aiming not only to share his concept among flightsimmers but also encourage people to reuse his work or to build upon theirs from his design with even further creative ideas. image003

“Remember when your flight instructor told you to keep your heels on the floor for take offs and heels off the floor for taxing?” commented Van.  “This keeps you from inadvertently hitting the brakes during the take off roll.”  

“Not only were these pedals designed keeping that in mind but also the realistic movement of the pedal travel and feel.”

He added that these pedals were designed from the ground up to last a very long time.   No steel cables to loosen or break and no internal wire movement from pedal operations.   The choice of materials, suppliers, or home-made components could further reduce costs significantly.

More information could be found from his Computer Simulator Builder Group Facebook page here or from the Swedish Home Cockpit Builders Group Facebook page here.

Should anyone want to proceed, contact Van for the necessary drawings and material notes.  He’ll be happy to help.




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