279: Heading Gyro Update

C172_HDCMP_WMThe newly released Heading Indicator with Compass & RPM has just been updated to include a digital display for Wind Magnitude.   The extra feature is so added to show the full picture of wind movement as some of the current users who quoted to request.

Notification and update patch has been sent to all existing users.   Next possible feature for the gauge might be the Visibility but not sure yet.

Anyone interested in this Heading Gyro with Compass & RPM could click HERE for details.   Download links will be sent via email within 48 hours after notice received.




8 thoughts on “279: Heading Gyro Update

    1. Hi Steven,
      No idea why the mail can’t get thru. I haven’t got any error message for the last mail I re-sent to you.
      The error message for the very first email reached me after 10 hours or so. Notify me if you have received the update. Thanks


  1. Hi Tom

    You said my email was rejected ,I have 2 email addresses would you like to try the other one.




  2. Hi tom
    I sent a payment of $20.00 USD to you on the 13 Feb 2015

    have not received the Download link yet.
    I know you’ve been busy
    thanks Tom


    1. Hi Steve,
      The link was sent to you on Feb-13, the day you placed the order. I have just re-sent the link again and the email should be in your mailbox now.
      Should you have any problem getting the file, let me know.
      Thanks for the support.


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