692: USB 2.0 is no longer preferred

In the old days with FSX/P3D, USB 2.0 was my preferred choice (see Post 582) when connecting Saitek/Logitech Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) to the simulators.

Since I replaced my older computer for MSFS in last November, I’ve been deliberately avoiding to use any more USB 2.0 ports and hubs.  Now all my 12 FIPs are connected to the system via a powered USB 3.0 hub.USB3_FIP_resize
In the past 6 months, I didn’t see any issue caused by the newer USB version as it did to my older computer in the past.

I am not sure if it is the new hardware or the new MSFS that breaks the barrier.

But whichever it’s true, it is definitely a good thing that we are no longer bounded by the old USB 2.0 standard any more, isn’t it ?

Your mileage may vary.

12 thoughts on “692: USB 2.0 is no longer preferred

  1. O controle Saitek X-65F não funciona em hub usb 2.0 e nem 3.0 e em algumas portas do PC mesmo sendo uma placa mãe MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus tem dificuldades de reconhecer ele


  2. Hi Tom … hope you see this.

    Am about to buy an Orico USB powered hub, could not find for sale anywhere in UK the specific model you have, this one looks close, has 13 ports and all with on/off switches, would have preferred more for my 12 x FIP’s, but can manage with another hub for the other panels I guess.

    I know the FIP’s can be quite power hungry, can you confirm 12 of them plugged into this hub would be OK power consumption wise please?

    In case link does not work, Amazon product description is …

    ORICO Powered USB Hub Aluminium + PC 13 Ports 60W USB 3.0 Data Hub with BC1.2 Charging, Individual On/Off Switch and 12V/5A Power Supply for PC, iMac, Mobile Hard Drive, Flash Drive

    Its a bit expensive at £114.80, but don’t mind so long as it can reliably deliver the power the FIP’s need.

    Thanks again my friend.



  3. What? You don’t need 2.0 for your FIPS???? Dang and I’m sitting here like a fool with 3 USB 2.0 hubs running my FIPs. Hehehe…
    Seriously though, that’s great information. I’m fortunate that the system I bought actually has plenty of USB 2.0 ports (6) builtin so had the room for multiple hubs (and the ones I got were relatively cheap but work well). Planning on adding more FIPs though, so may end up needing more ports and hubs. ;)


  4. Hi Tom. Very useful post, thanks.

    Have been experimenting with my FIP’s again (still have all 12 of them) and also newly purchased RealSimGear GNS 430 and 530 bundle I bought recently.

    That powered USB 3.0 hub you have pictured looks the business! plenty of ports and on/off switches for each port too by the looks of it?, was wondering if you have the manufacturer and model number please, have tried several powered USB hubs over the years and was never happy with any of them, yours looks ideal.




    1. Hi Colin,
      THe Orico Hub is my first choice and the individual on/off switch is the main reason I chose the model.
      Model number is: BT2U3-16AB (for 16 ports) and BT2U3-13AB (for 13 ports).
      They have 10 ports and 7 ports too.
      Here’s the link to their web page
      Move down 2/3 of the page for Industrial Expansion.
      However, the company replaces their models quickly, probably in every 6 months. Many of the products listed are no longer available.
      Hope you can find a dealer in UK.


      1. Not having any FIPs I have only the Multi-Panel and the Radio Panel. Do you think there would be any benefit to me by using a USB 3.0 hub?


      2. Probably not because they don’t like the FIPs which draw a lot of power to function.
        On the other hand, using a USB 3.0 hub does no harm to my system, too.


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