312: Make a Better World, Virtual and Real

Rebuilding shader cache is a commonly used method to fix many issues suddenly coming up without a proper cause in either FSX or P3D.  Shaders Cleaner helps clean Shader Cache right before the loading of FSX or P3D.


Anyone interested to get a copy the utility please make a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) / Doctors Without Borders so as to help those people out there needing the love and care from the medical humanitarian organization.

Proposed donation amount is USD 5.0 for either the FSX or P3D version of the utility, or USD 8.0 for both versions.   More are appreciated, of course.

To make your donation now, click here.   Or you can click on the Shaders Cleaner images above, and then click on the [DONATE NOW] button and forward your MSF donation receipt to me at tom.fsxtimes@gmail.com.  Do specify which version (FSX or P3D) of the utility you prefer.  Download link will be sent asap.
What the world needs now is love.  Let’s give a hand to make a better world, no matter it’s virtual or real.



4 thoughts on “312: Make a Better World, Virtual and Real

  1. You are welcome, Tom!

    Yeah, it really works flawless and you even can change different LOD_RAD profiles of your own by one click (sorry:two clicks). AND you can forget it, so you’ll always have the desired LOD_RAD setting automatically by every new fsx.exe start again.

    Hope this helps to increase worlds love into overwhelming dimensions :-).


  2. Hi Tom :-)

    Don’t know if you’ve ever heard about “MyConfig”, because it matches perfectly well with a FSX shader cleaner bat.

    Here is the file description from AVSIM:

    ” File Description:
    After changing the display settings in FSX, the values for e.g. TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD, CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY and LOD_RADIUS are reset to their default values, which is mostly not preferred. FSX MyConfig automatically restores your preferred parameter values as kept in the configuration file fsx.cfg. I wrote the progam because the alternative: copy/paste a backed up fsx.cfg, has the risk of replacing the present fsx.cfg with an outdated one resulting in valid (recent) changes made by FSX or an add-on are lost, Moreover, managing a few parameter values, which you want never to be changed, is much easier accomplished by means of the relatively short FSXMyConfig.cfg file. Avsim ”

    I found this gorgeous FSX tool on http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=FSX+MyConfig&CatID=root&Go=Search , and I’m using it since many weeks now.

    It works flawless and has a simple install and forget mode. Below you can see my FSX Shader Cleaner bat in combination with MyConfig and how it looks like:

    @echo off
    cd %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\FSX
    rd Shaders10 /s /q
    goto sim
    cd /d “C:\FSX_Tools\FSX_MyConfig v.1.1.0 Final”
    start FSXMyConfig.exe
    cd /d “D:\Spiele\FSX_SteamEdition\steamapps\common\FSX”
    start fsx.exe

    Its really worth a try. Best regards to all of you,
    Klaus from Germany


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