311: Prepar3D v3 Available Now

Just in case you are not aware.   Version 3 of Prepar3D is now available.   It’s a good thing to see improvements from the simulator.   But it’s sad you need to pay again — no discount, no upgrade — strictly business.

Nevertheless, simmer’d better hold their upgrade for fixes to new issues reported, especially to those who are Orbx scenery fans since addon installation is different again.

Afterall, there’s no discount for early birds.   Why rush?


9 thoughts on “311: Prepar3D v3 Available Now

  1. This is more on a joke fashion Tom, but Lockheed have failed to deliver for ages, how late is the F-35 jet? I hate to say, but maybe their software partners like to milk it too … We’ll never know the truth, we’ll just keep handing over the cash :(

    No trust in this LM military sponging company whatsoever anymore


  2. I took up the LM offer of a refund for V2.0 not long after it was released as it was not in my opinion that much of a step up from a well tweaked FSX with Steve’s DX10 fixer, had decided to keep my eye on what was going to be on offer in the future and it seemed the next major revision for a V3.0 version might be 64 bit and apparently that’s not the case!

    I owned the very first ver of P3D V1, still an owner actually but I’ll never use it again and felt what LM did with the pricing model for V2.0 was fair enough, but this time??? like many say it should have been V2.6 or offer substantial discounts for existing customers.

    I wonder now if there ever will be a 64 bit version of P3D now? they were definitely talking about it, I realise that would break compatibility with existing add-ons, but sometimes you need to do that to move on.

    I wonder what Dovetail have in store for the future with their experience of FSX Steam?


  3. V3 Huh.. Funny. This can only be V2.6

    There is not much to say. Go to their “what is new” page and delete the lines “Fixed bla bla bla…..” then you end up with nothing. Ok fixing is an improvement but it is correcting what they did wrong before. So to pay AGAIN the same amount of money for a minor upgrade is not a “business”!!

    That is why they shout “This is not for entertainment”…


    1. I had the same feeling. LM is making changes to the structure all the time and we have put quite some efforts to make existing addons compatible with it.
      Not sure what they have changed this time. But it shouldn’t be minor as some Orbx users reported that the reinstallation of the addon is far too complicated to explain in a few lines.
      Just reinstalled v25 on my computer. Really don’t want to go over it again and again everytime they release minor updates.
      “This is not for enterainment” ? — if it hadn’t got our supports, it would have come this far.


  4. Since few days I am asked if I’ll move to P3D v3. I don’t think so. Why? Beceuse their business model.
    I’m very disapointed that there is no lower price offer for people who already own one of their previous version.
    This is first point. Second of all, it became a very clear for me now that Lockheed is going to use same business model like other big devs, i.e Electronic Arts and few other companies, who serves same products every year with sone minor changes only.
    Ok, someone can say that there was a big improvements implemented in v2 so they offered it as a standalone version, not upgrage but still…we will use their products for years so there is no need to drain peoples pockets like this, especially customers who really want to stick to thing they make.
    And yes, I do know really good what I sm saying because I have an deep experience in jobs for big companies and own business. In my opinion it’s not the best way to show respect for own customers.



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