318: Another Network FIPs Start Up Approach

In response to the last article regarding Starting up Networked FIPs Locally, Michael Basler recommends another simpler and even more versatile approach.   Here’s the note from Michael:


I start the simulator using the free SimStarter, which comes with a host of goodies, among them you can set the proper ORBX region via a profile automatically without calling FTX Central 2 (Edit – Michael knows that I never like the FTX Central 2).

SimStarter comes with a Client module SimStarter Client. When it’s installed on the Client, SimStarter (the Server Program) sends a file to the Client module which polls continuously, detects the file, and starts any predefiend Client program, e.g. SaiFlightSimX.exe, a moving map, or whatnot.

Has been working for me perfectly for half a year now.


The features coming with the utility look awesome, in which I was planning to write some myself originally.   Thanks Michael for the recommendation and Peter Rosendahl who shares his great utility with the flightsim world.


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