393: Spaceship Landed in Panama

While I am still endlessly thinking of rebuilding my home cockpit, Erik Dannau in Panama is about to complete his Space Shuttle project.

Last weekend, Erik “drove” his ship to a nearby airport for photo-shooting in coordination with the country’s Regional Aeronautics Director.  He sent me some photos and a funny story about the shooting: dannau_s01
He said,

The event went very well, much better than expected.

It took us more or less an hour to assemble the ship and push it towards the apron but by that time a lot of people were looking from the road. A gentleman came to me and said that the web went wild with photographs of the Ship and the firemen with and a message claiming a Russian Spaceship had landed in Penonome!

I then heard from the Airport Director that President Varela had called his boss to ask what the hell was going on and that this was a matter of National Security!  Jaime the Regional Director told him about the Photoshoot and they relaxed but the news was all over the country.  It really went viral !!

dannau_s07Hm…probably Erik is now at the Tiangong 2 Space Lab drinking tea with the two China Astronauts who were sent by the Shenzhou 11 Spacecraft launched yesterday.

Congratulations and great job Erik.

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