405: No Objection Allowed!

Not really in mood these days on my gauge projects or writing posts for the blog.  Pre-holiday mood I guess.

But I really want to say somethings after a friend who sent me his account spammingsuspension notice from Orbx because he just expressed his opinions against the company’s recent dropping of PayPal in their shop.

Read the posts.  My friend and many others as customers do have their good reasons against the company’s decision.  Of course, there are two sides of the coin, and whether the company will reconsider the option or not is totally up to the company.

Then, is calling a few opposing comments “spamming” overbearing?   Well, “no objection allowed” is the company’s long-held attitude.   Aren’t you aware of it?

14 thoughts on “405: No Objection Allowed!

  1. I was just at the ORBX forum and the John V posted why PayPal was removed as a payment option.
    PayPal has locked his account and he can’t get his funds. No wonder it is a touchy subject but he should have disclosed the problem right away BEFORE people re-acted.


  2. Thanks Tom, I’m the person that got the suspension, but harsh acts need harsh words I guess? If we all roll over and accept it, well we’ll always get treated that way I guess?

    I could have accepted the first suspension by the first forum moderator, because I was a bit OTT, frustrated and angry … because I’ve spent a lot of money with them over the years … But no, about ten minutes later I got another longer suspension and final warning from Mr Venema himself and also had to digitally click a button of acceptance :(

    The fact I got two suspensions by two different people clearly shows one hand does not know what the other is doing over there.

    The Man’s ego has no boundaries, it seems? He has to back down on the Paypal restriction though, it must be like 90 against 10 percent of his customers are not in favour of this latest ill thought out decision of his? and the ones in favour are clearly beta testers and suchlike who get the software for free. Time will tell, but for sure …. and it will be tough, because his team do make excellent scenery, no more of my money goes his way until he has time to reflect and change his mind though.

    Thanks for the support Tom.


  3. We all have the right to decide. I’ve always thought how a company treats its customers can make or break them, especially in a nitch market. But at the same time I balance my desire for their product with all other factors. Customer service is important to me but in this type of market, I am really more concerned with product quality. It’s hard to argue Orbx doesn’t deliver, so as long as they have a way to take my money and there is value in their high end offerings, I’ll be a customer. Again, respect for those who feel otherwise.


  4. ORBX sure messed things up with the release of the Global openLC products. They are using supposedly accurate airport placement data, however most of the default FSX airports end up with trees and bushes on the runways/taxi ways etc because they don’t line up. What’s a guy to do?

    When you complain at ORBX forums, your threads get locked.


  5. Orbx has the best products coupled with the worst attitude imaginable. They really do seem to believe that it is the customer’s privilege to send them money. I own almost everything they make, but that fact often makes me cringe because i feel like I am rewarding a company that behaves atrociously towards their customers.


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