655: ASI & ATT2 for Zlin Shock Ultra

Two new gauges for Zlin Shock Ultra in MSFS 2020 has been developed.  One is the Airspeed Indicator (ASI); and the other is the current Multi-shared Attitude Indicator (ATT) integrated with a small inclinometer.

Many Airspeed Indicators in MSFS 2020, including this Zlin one, are using km/h unit — a bit odd from KNOTS and MHP that are commonly used in FSX, P3D and X-Plane.  So I am including a KNOTS version as well for users to choose from.

For the variation of the MS-Shared ATT, it is used ONLY on the Zlin Shock Ultra among all 30 default aircraft from MSFS.   However, I found it a perfect replacement (both operation and appearance) to the MS-Shared ATT, if so desired.  So I put it under the Multi-Shared Group and call it ATT2.

Existing users of the MS-Shared ATT could contact me for a 50% off discount if interested in this variation.


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