653: My Cockpit Rev #25

During the last two holiday weeks, I basically spent all my free time on playing MSFS 2020, and fine-tuning the computer and MSFS setup.  Now the Radios from Flight Illusion is working fine with MSFS in general.  Even though not fully compatible, yet they look great together with the FIPs.

Regarding the Thrustmaster TPR Pendular Rudder I added to my system last November, I would say it is the best from all Pedals I’ve ever used.

Even though it is quite big and heavy (not cheap, too), the movement of the pedals and the total placement footprint required from it are actually smaller than others.  Moreover, it doesn’t need much calibrations to work smoothly and precisely in the simulators.

Especially when touching down, the aircraft is a lot more controllable when pressing the toe-brakes, rather than prone to sway left or right on other pedals.

I am quite happy with the investment and no complaint so far.

Colin in UK earlier suggested me a mod for it.  He ensured that the mod would enhance the rudder further as he applied it to his already.  Very tempting, but I’ll leave it as it is for now.

At the moment, I am testing a few different USB 3.0 hubs.   Although FIPs are supposed to work best with USB 2.0 standard, but as new computers these days are no longer equipped with USB 2.0 ports any more, further looking at the USB 3.0 adaptability seems making sense.

Will report back if any of the new USB 3.0 hub is good or not.

The COVID-19 situation is quite serious these days.  Hope all friends, especially those who live in the US and Europe, are well.

Stay Safe and Happy Flying !


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