648: My MSFS Vegetations Mod

Vegetations in MSFS are generally regarded oversized and look unrealistically.  There are tips on the Internet to help improve the situation by reducing the MAX and MIN values of all entries in the 10-asobo_species.xml file under “/fs-base/vegetation” folder to about 60% – 80% (or about 4 – 8 points) of their originals.

Vegetations look more realistic with the mod

My personal preference after tests is to keep the minimum values unchanged but to lower the maximum values to the same values of the minimum; or to 5 when the minimum values are less than 5.

Reducing all the maximum values to the minimum values is also good.

Here’s the download link to the five Vegetation files I modified and tested: dropbox.com/t/z1wuBTwkCj4f7VX1

Details could be found in the Mod_Details.txt file inside.

If you want to further decrease the heights of all vegetations, just reduce a few more points from the maximum and minimum values of all entries.

Please note that although the original 10-asobo_species.xml is included, you are still advised to firstly backup yours, especially if you have made changes to the file already.

The download link will expire in 7 days, and then it will be moved to the Freeware Section in my Store.

13 thoughts on “648: My MSFS Vegetations Mod

      1. Thanks Tom…went to the Store page but just didn’t see the download arrow…
        my bad… Happy New Year!…John H., Houston, TX


      2. HiTom…the link is fine and I got you vegetation files yesterday…when I tried your favorite file, it changed the perspective on my setup a bunch (much wider and flatter)…so, I’m still experimenting…BTW, is it possible that you could post the US and Japan discovery flights (and any other major files/activities) that were deleted in the latest MSFS updates?…that would be nice if not a lot of work for you…no need to “reinvent the wheel”…know you are busy…would you like a link to some pretty neat, free XPlane files?…

        Happy New Year…John H., Houston, TX


      3. Hi John,
        Yes, that’s possible to put the US and Japan Discovery Flights for other people who lost the files. Give me a few days.
        Happy New Year


      4. Hi Tom…should you wish to look at some pretty good, free XPlane files, here’s
        the link…this is the Board Index page…you might have to create an account….well
        worth it…check out both the “Aircraft6 Downloads” and Free Aircraft Downloads” page…
        most everything is free…the author indicates (in some instances) the version of XP
        that the plane is updated for in the title such as “XXX…1150)….some unusual and some
        more conventional birds…


      5. Hi Tom…I guess I’m trying to do too many things too fast…here’s the link to site’s download page for the XPlane files…If you get the main page, you may have to register, but worth it…see previous remarks…


        As an added bonus, here’s a link to a page for a Grumman Albatross for MSFS…it’s the best freeware MSFS aircraft I have seen so far…everything works but the radio guages, which the author is working on…if you get the site’s main page, you may have to register, then navigate to the downloads page…plane is an old treasure that’s very well done, old steam guages and all…


        Cheers, John H.


      6. Thanks very much, John.
        The Grumman is one of my favorite, too.
        Have sent you the US and JP tour and the new vegetation file by email. Will post them later for others.
        Happy Flying,


      7. Hi Tom…thanks for the reply and for the vegetation and US and JP Discovery flights…
        will get to them shortly…one last program I might recommend (and this is the last)…it’s called FSX Pilot
        and is a universal autopilot…though it might not say directly it works in MSFS, it does quite well…the only thing
        I cannot get it to do is fly a MSFS flight plan…perhaps they will fix that in the future…what do I do with it?…I fly in chase mode a bunch and with the inability in MSFS to pop-out an instrument (as opposed to a screen), flying with autopilot can be taxing….so this program offers me an autopilot that can be put on a second monitor, and it works with planes that have no native autopilot…a pretty slick program…give it a look…


        Cheers, John H.


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