270: Attitude Indicator with Announciator

Was originally planning to finish the Heading Indicator in coming January but couldn’t help to get this Attitude Indicator with Announciator jumping the line, as I found the showing of information corresponding to the status of the aircraft more prevailing.


In addition to the newly made Attitude Indicator and Announciator Panel, extra displays for ADF, NAV1, NAV2, DME1, DME2 and XPDR were also implemented so that single Radio Panel users like me don’t have to switch frequently just for the displays. The active and standby frequencies of NAV1 and NAV2 can also be swapped via Buttons 1 and Button 2 on the FIP respectively.

For systems already installed with dual Radio Panels, a simplified gauge plate version without the NAV displays is also created to avoid redundancy.

Additionally, Buttons 3 to Button 6 are used to quickly tune the squawk code for the transponder.

Up to now, this is the fourth gauge of my C172 integrated series that aims to include all flight instruments on lesser FIPs and smaller desktop footprint.  The remaining three are likely to come within the next three to four months.  Then my focus will move on to other aircrafts, probably a twin-engine such as the Beech Baron.   In addition, the Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) will also be high on my next development list.


Anyone interested to get this Integrated Attitude Indicator could click HERE for details.   Download links will be sent via email within 48 hours after notice received.


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