249: Tame the Rudders Update 2

Really don’t have much to update lately since I’ve been spending most of my flighsim time in finetuning various aspects of the new P3Dv2 platform based on my previous FSX experience.

Yes, P3Dv2 is now my core simulator as it no doubt excels FSX in many features once it is set up properly.

Regarding the pedals, I found lowering the overall Flight model in Realism to medium level would further enhance taxi-maneuvering without hampering the realistic rudder experience I had on the real airplane.


Among the flight models, P-factor is a critical element to counteract aircraft’s over-drifting and taxi instability.    If so desired, lowering its value farther to the left could further improve the control.   But as its name suggests, realism will more likely be compromised.

I am thinking the possible of a P3D version of my ShadeShifter utility.    Or maybe a variation that incorporates REX (Real Environment Xtreme) features into a selection interface that is more intuitive.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “249: Tame the Rudders Update 2

  1. OH thank you for this. I just built my “ultimate desktop” for flight sims. Just now getting into P3D and received my saitek pedals but they were worthless until now. I started reading your postS over the past few months while I have been getting setup and just thought you should know I AM GRATEFUL.


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