286: Tame the Rudders Update 3

My logic of tuning the rudder pedals for Prepar3D in the first place was to reduce the sensitivity of the axis control, assuming the adjustment could make them more manageable.   Also, it was Rudder-FSX
Rudder-P3Dbased on the default setting in P3D as well as all the good results I got from my experience in FSX (as shown in the setting pictures on the right).

Sadly, after all the adjustments I made over the years as described in Post 242, 248 and 249 for P3D, I still had difficulties to avoid over-steering and under-steering the aircraft during taxi, especially at turns.   I am quite certain that the issues were induced by the rudders’ mechanism response on the P3D platform.

During the recent clean-install of the P3D v2.5, I found that the rudders are far more controllable when the axis sensitivity is actually raised rather than lowered.

After various testings, the sensitivity of my rudder axis is now set to the highest.


Although there are times the rudders still over-steer or under-steer, the cause is more on me rather than from the rudders itself.   The whole scenario has since improved much much more.

Worth a note but your mileage may vary.

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