283: My Integrated Gauges Video Show

Some friends are curious about how my C172 Integrated Gauges all together look in real simulator.   Here are four quick videos showing how they perform from Engine Startup, Taxi, Take-off to Maneuver.    Background airport is Bowerman KHQM in the United States.   Simulator is Prepar3D v25 with the free Bowerman airport addon from Orbx.

Truly, since my one hand was holding the iPhone and the other was doing all the controls, outcome of the video isn’t perfect.   But still, when the playback of the videos is adjusted to play in HD and higher speed, overall result is still good to me.

Also, note that the focus of these videos are generally put on the C172 Integrated Gauges, rather than the scenery outside the aircraft.

Although occasional stutters are inevitable, both the simulator and the gauges work pretty smooth together.

So, just as shown, my last two coming gauges — the AirSpeed Indicator and Turn Coordinator — are basically done and fully functional.  They will be released very soon.

Discounts will be given to existing buyers of my other gauges.   Stay tuned.


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