282: Existing Paid-Gauges Now with Installer

Was originally planning to add the Automatic Installer to all my existing paid-gauges after the release of the coming AirSpeed Indicator and Turn Coordinator later this month.   Due to receiving some immediate requests, revisions has been put upfront.

Integrated Gauges New InstallerWith this Automatic Installer, all user needs now just to unzip the package, and then click and run the utility.   That’s it.

The installer will add the new gauge to the END of the existing gauge list and modify the SaiFlightSimX.xml under DirectOutput folder automatically.   Original SaiFlightSimX.xml will be backup automatically too.


This installer ONLY WORKS when the SaiFlightSimX.xml was installed at its original default location as shown below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput   (64-bit system)
C:\Program Files\Saitek\DirectOutput                  (32-bit system)

2)Integrated Gauges New Folder
Different from previous manual-installed versions, the C172 Integrated Gauges will now group under the C172_Cessna folder inside the DirectOutput directory for future management.

If the gauge comes with more than one versions, such as the Heading Gyro and the Attitude Indicator, all their scripts will be added to the SaiFlightSimX.xml file simultaneously during installation.   However, ONLY the latest version will be enabled.

Users can edit the SaiFlightSimX.xml to activate the version they like, if desired.

Installation Order is not specific.   It’s up to user’s own preference if they have multiple paid-gauges from me.


Current users could send me a Comment Note if they don’t find the update(s) in their mailboxes by now.

Again, anyone interested in my paid-gauges could click HERE for details.  Download links will be sent via email within 48 hours after notice received.


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